Frozen Beer Foam

We’ve found some of the best sports marketing ideas come out of Japan, and Japanese-beer maker Kirin’s frozen beer foam may be one of the best! Just popping up within the last week at Dodger Stadium, the beer Slurpee comes out of a margarita machine. At 23 degrees, they say it will keep a beer ice cold for 30 minutes. And that’s something to toast to!


Disney’s WWII Animation Propaganda

Want your mind twisted up like a balloon animal? Watch this World War II Donald Duck short by Walt Disney. It’s a great piece of history and a great piece of U.S. propaganda. There’s some racist stuff in here aimed at the Japanese, but it was a different time and there was a war on and they bombed Pearl Harbor, right? Right. It’s worth a watch for historical and creative purposes. And like I said, it’ll twist your mind up and turn your perception of Donald Duck on it’s ear.

8 Things to Wrap Up the Week

Here’s a cool thank you gift that we got from the RailRiders for helping them bring the franchise to life. Thanks RailRiders!

2013-07-01 13.09.19-2

As native San Diegans, this photo has brought much joy to our lives.

2013-07-02 06.34.00

Get it? Jason and Casey and Jason and Casey. (Thanks Scott!)

2013-07-02 07.56.21

Here’s a patch we designed for Hat Club SOHO. Can you catch all the symbols hidden in the design?

2013-07-09 12.57.38

Hat Club also just opened a store in Santa Monica. It’s georous and packed with Clink styles like Asheville and Eugene!

2013-07-12 10.45.32

Kong battles his impostor.

2013-07-15 08.40.23

Michael Jordan drops in to Jimmy Fallon’s show. Exciting!

Kong looks great where ever you stick him.


Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Buccaneers Rejected Concepts

We love to see rejected branding ideas, just as much as we love sharing them. Check out these concepts from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cutting room floor. We’re glad the collaborators went for Pewter helmets – it’s real authentic storytelling. Plus we love trying things that have never been done before. Cock your head to see some of those designs in the background.