8 Things to Wrap Up the Week

Here’s a cool thank you gift that we got from the RailRiders for helping them bring the franchise to life. Thanks RailRiders!

2013-07-01 13.09.19-2

As native San Diegans, this photo has brought much joy to our lives.

2013-07-02 06.34.00

Get it? Jason and Casey and Jason and Casey. (Thanks Scott!)

2013-07-02 07.56.21

Here’s a patch we designed for Hat Club SOHO. Can you catch all the symbols hidden in the design?

2013-07-09 12.57.38

Hat Club also just opened a store in Santa Monica. It’s georous and packed with Clink styles like Asheville and Eugene!

2013-07-12 10.45.32

Kong battles his impostor.

2013-07-15 08.40.23

Michael Jordan drops in to Jimmy Fallon’s show. Exciting!

Kong looks great where ever you stick him.


Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


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