Sky Crown Logos

Just before Walt Disney died, plans were in place for a Disney Ski Resort in Mineral King, California, called “Disney’s Sky Crown.” They say it would have been as popular as Yosemite. You’d have to take a train to get there, and everything would be designed to look an alpine village in the Swiss Alps. The concept was shelved, but some great 60’s concept logos came out of the process.

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Event Logos

One more post showing off some of the work that we do for Minor League Baseball teams that might only see in the ballpark. Lets start top left and snake our way down.

• Grrrounder mascot logo for the Harrisburg Senators, Double-A Affiliate for the Washington Nationals.
• Champions Program logo for the Spokane Indians, Single-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers.
• Funky Feather logo immortalizing the game dance ritual of the Great Lakes Loons, Single-A Affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers.
• Ride the Bases charity event logo for the Spokane Indians, Single-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers.


Faux Retro Mascots

Check these retro-style mascots we did for Boise and the Fightin’s. It’s a really fun exercise to try and go back in time with a character rendering. Nothing lives up to the golden age mascots like the Swingin’ Friar, Twins’ Handshakers, and Mudhens. But one can try.


Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Louie’s Fit Club

The Great Lakes Loons are always on the cutting edge of technology in their park. Their healthy kids initiative,”Louie’s Fit Club,” is right in line. Each kid can purchase a futuristic pedometer that tracks their activity. You’ll see we designed Lou E. wearing the watch, plus several exercise signs posted around the ballpark where kids can rack up points. You don’t need to be a kid to get your fit on, so grab your here.



Man, we do a lot of mascot artwork. This first set is Chopper from the Gwinnett Braves doing all manner of mascot related duties. These are a little simpler than our usual mascot renderings. They’re also being used as calendar icons similar to the icons we showed in last week’s post.


Here is everyone’s favorite anthropomorphized vegetable, Mr. Celery! Mascot for the Wilmington BlueRocks and patron saint of the Celery Squad. Mr. Celery knows how to party.


These next 4 designs depict what I would consider more of a Mascot logo vs. mascot artwork I guess. That’s kind of a silly distinction, but I think this style is better for merchandising. First first set is Otto and Doris, mascots for the Spokane Indians. The second is Tremor and Aftershock, mascots for the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes.


Happy 4th Clinkers!

We’re taking the rest of the week off to lay on our gorgeous San Diego beaches and get sun poisoning. If you’re not a U.S. citizen, you too can enjoy the 4th the ‘Merica way. BBQ hotdogs, be sure to eat at least six, wash it down with some delicious and refreshing watery beer, light a sparkler and salute that bad boy till the sun goes down. That’s what Jason and I will be doing – that’s what any red blooded will be doing. Let’s celebrate in America! Kick this long weekend’s ass!