Animation Swipes

Casey sent me this Cory Doctorow post of animation swipes which I knew was done in comics, but had no idea to the extent it was used in animation. I guess when they’re up against a deadline, they’ll take any shortcut they can get!





One thought on “Animation Swipes

  1. Animation shortcuts are funny at times. These are all Disney pieces if i’m not mistaken? Jungle Book/Winnie The Poo, The Aristocats/Robin Hood(Cat->Fox), Lady & The Tramp/The Fox & The Hound (Dog->Fox). I’d be a bit more surprised if they were inter-company swipes.

    In my opinion, this is what killed disney cartoons for years, all this on-model perfection and swiping. It took a turn for the better around 89 off the back of The Little Mermaid and following with syndicated Disney cartoons but it was all still very on-model and full of style swiping.

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