Cereal City Krunch

Here’s an unreleased, never-been-seen-before look at the first concepts for the Cereal City Krunch. The Southwest Michigan Devil Rays were considering a rebrand to celebrate their hometown’s most famous cereal company, Kelloggs. We were cutting our teeth in the design world and dreamed up an entire brand concept around the golden age of cereal advertising, complete with 50’s process blue and bright red color scheme. Ultimately the team was relocated to Midland, Michigan and became the Great Lakes Loons, but there were some imaginative ideas planned!

CCK_Primary_2 [Converted]


8 thoughts on “Cereal City Krunch

  1. I am also in if this gets made, I love the idea of a small run of a team that did not exist. Not just a real teams elseworld logo, but a team with a non existent city. Plus the logo, and idea are so cool.

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