Virgin Atlantic: Part 1

Casey eluded to it last year, and I’ll claim it. I’m a huge Virgin Atlantic nerd (not to be confused with Virgin America). I love the the brand’s can-do spirit, challenging the status quo, style and rockstar service. And Richard Branson is an inspiration. I’ve crashed four conferences including the MacAfee Conference in Las Vegas and the National Apartment Association Conference here in San Diego, just to hear him speak. You know Star Wars fanatics? I’m that guy, but for Virgin Atlantic. So many of our ideas come from outside the sports world, and I thought I’d do a mini three-part inspiration series on one of the brands that inspires me most.

Las Vegas 135

Today: Out of the box design. Virgin Atlantic was the first to paint their planes Candy Apple Red. Like red Oregon Ducks paint, but on a plane. Nobody had ever done it, and boy does it sparkle in real life. When we’re traveling and I know the plane will be at a connecting airport. I watch people point out the window when the sun hits the metal. They managed to turn heads (in an airport) by asking “What if?” when it comes to paint.


It love when a brand not only thinks, “we need an bar on this plane,” but “we need a bar that’s crazier than anything you’ve experienced on land.” I don’t even know where the light ends and the materials begin…






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