Share Your Stickers

We love promoting fellow Clinkers’ work. Clinker Efra Sanchez just sent us a ton of stickers promoting his work. We’re going to pop one of his killer designs in each upcoming swag bag. This is an open offer to all Clinkers: Send us at least 100 stickers of your design work, and we’ll pop them in upcoming swag bags too. Stand Out Stickers is a great company we use. Send you stickers to The Clink Room, PO Box 7485, San Diego Calif. 92167. We’ll be sure to post photos of your stickers on Clink as well. Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


Corporate Recycle Logos

In 2010 when Cereplast held a contest to design the new bio plastics logo, there was a flood of entries that captured every angle of simple, recycling imagery. There was leafs, footprints, globes, arrows – you name it. At the time I started collecting corporate recycling logos with the idea of creating a Brandiose recycle logo, but nothing came of it. Here’s the Hard Rock Hotel, Disney and McDonalds from the inspiration board…





Las Vegas Neon Boneyard Museum

Next time you have a bachelor party trip scheduled for Las Vegas, you gotta check out the Las Vegas Neon Boneyard Museum. Founded in 1996, this non-profit museum is right on Las Vegas Blvd right next to the Stratosphere. The property showcases more than 150 signs from Las Vegas’ golden age from the Moulin Rouge to the Stardust. Not only is the design beautiful, but the construction of each sign is just as jaw-dropping. The hour-long guided tours cost $18, and just a few times in the morning. So book an extra day on the front end of the trip, when you still have clear vision!


DSC_0126 DSC_0180 DSC_0185 DSC_0092 DSC_0096

Vintage Santa Fe Railroad Map

The ’60s brought an over-simplicity and optimism to design, and we love seeing this in vintage maps. The routes are always generalized, mountains are always upside-down Vs, and people and places look like iOS7 minicons. Plus there’s always a repeating border of fun little graphics. We need more of this. Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

circle rt guide inside 3

Trader Morts

Just down the street from Brandiose studios is Trader Morts liquor, one of the few remaining pieces of tiki architecture left in San Diego. From what I was told, after Hawaii gained statehood in 1959 there was tourism scare that tourists would choose to vacation in Hawaii over San Diego. It sparked an architecture movement in San Diego (from Point Loma to Mission Bay, including Sea World) designed to give tourists a taste of islands without leaving the Mainland.

Relatively untouched since, Trade Mort’s features some pretty cool type treatment, tiki torches lit nightly and a good selection of liquor store favorites. It’s grown a cult following over the years, spawning tiki kitsch from limited edition tiki mugs to vintage matchbooks. Next time you’re in San Diego check them out.

Picture 4

Picture 2

Picture 14


Trader Morts





KIXPO 2013

If you’re anywhere near Dallas this weekend, you’ve got to hit up KIXPO 2013. Put on by friends of The Clink Room, KIXPO is where “sneakerheads rule the terrain and creativity is our currency.” It’s one of the biggest sneaker and streatwear events in America with 50,000 sq ft of sneaker and streatwear culture under one roof. This year’s KIXPO is this Saturday from 2:00pm-7:00pm at the brand new Irving Convention Center in Irving, TX. We collaborated on some Limited Edition New Era KIXPO x The Clink Room caps that will make an appearance Saturday, so grab your tickets here.






Pete Hawley

If you’ve been watching Mad Men the past few years, you may have seen illustrator Pete Hawley’s work without even knowing it. Wilbur “Pete” Hawley was a mid-century illustrator known for his Jantzen pin-ups and 50’s era advertising work to movie posters and American Greeting Card Company cards. He was a master of capturing the classic smirk and eye-twinkle that permeated mid-century advertising, and provided much of the inspiration for our own Sophie the Scibbler. You’ll see his work falling in the opening credits of Mad Men. Check out more of Pete’s work here.