Clear Eyes Full Hearts

Clinker Justin just told us about this awesome thing he started. For $20 Justin will design you an avatar icon for your fantasy football team. The super cool part about it all? Justin is donating all the proceeds to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Epic move Justin!


Here is the avatar Justin designed for our team the “Clink Kongs”.


Head over to Clinker Justin’s site to donate to a great cause and to get your awesome custom avatar designed! Thanks for being awesome Justin!

Brandiose X Phillies Organization

Last week the Phillies recognized the winners of their Minor League Step Up Community Service Award program. Honoring reps from across their Minor League system. I always knew Brandiose had a big presence in the Phils organization but seeing all these jerseys lined up like this surprised me. Not that we’re keeping track or anything, but that’s 5 out of 6 jerseys designed by Brandiose and 3 out of 6 that we had a hand in naming. Feels good!


Kick this weakend’s ass Clinkers!

Tweet Quotes: Brand New Conference

Here are some of the tweets from attendees quoting Brandiose at the Brand New Conference. If you want to watch the whole talk, head over here and and for just $8 you can watch the full squadoo…

“Are we in the baseball business or in the circus business? We’re in the circus business” #bnconf #quips

— Brand New Conference (@bnconf) September 13, 2013

@brandiose watch closely how fans are acting inside baseball stadium in order to design a team brand that fits them = User research #BNConf

— Sophie Masure (@sophiemasure) September 13, 2013

Establish polar ends of your audience spectrum, and make sure the identity speaks to both. @Brandiose, on acceptance #bnconf

— Ologie (@ologie) September 13, 2013

“There’s a lot of brainstorming & a lot of beer drinking.” – @Brandiose on immersing w/ minor league baseball clients. #dreamjobs #BNConf

— Meghan Arnold (@MeghanCArnold) September 13, 2013

Create rituals, and people will keep coming back. Sound advice from @Brandiose #bnconf #ologie

— Kyle Kastranec (@kastranec) September 13, 2013

“America’s the story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” @Brandiose on #inspiration for Minor League Baseball #branding #BNConf

— Meghan Arnold (@MeghanCArnold) September 13, 2013

Al Tuna rally cap. Brilliant marketing by @Brandiose speaking @bnconf. #BNConf #IWantAHat @Brandiose speaking @bnconf. #BNConf #IWantAHat

— Upside Collective (@upsidetweets) September 13, 2013

“[For the Cincinnati Reds] it was fun to think major league…but we’re minor league guys.” –@Brandiose #bnconf

— Jack Curry (@thejackamo) September 13, 2013

International Shipping Experiment!

Clinkers around the World, good news! Jason and I have heard your cry. International shipping became too expensive after we transitioned to Hat Club shipping Clink orders. When we shipped hats out of our office we had a great International rate and International Clinkers ate it up.

That great international shipping rate is back! We’re starting our International Shipping experiment with 3 countries: Canada, the UK, and Australia. If that goes well we’ll add more! (We see you Japan, Germany, and France!) Here’s the dets…


Head to the Clink store and lets give this International Shipping thing a test drive! Here’s the complete list of shipping rates and speeds…


Brandiose X Brand New Conference

We just got back from the Brand New Conference and it was an amazing day. We left feeling so inspired. All of the speakers were so talented, interesting, and funny. We were honored to be in the mix. Below is a 5 minute preview of our talk but you can head over here and and for just $8 you can watch the full 45 min. I recommend watching all the talks. Each had something interesting or compelling to steal.