Virgin Atlantic: Part 3

Part of the Brandiose DNA is always finding new ways to make our partner’ brands famous. So you can see why I love this Virgin Atlantic ad that’s all about making their crew famous.

I’m also love seeing brands do reimagined takes on classic looks. Check out these new crew uniforms by the eccentric Vivienne Westwood. They have this fresh take on the golden age of air travel mixed with a little James Bond and a Virgin twist.






One thought on “Virgin Atlantic: Part 3

  1. Furniture is insanely exnespive! I would buy a quality couch that you can use for 10+ years if you can afford it (i feel weird about used upholstered items) and buy table and wooden things second hand, at flea markets, etc. Or try to get some hand me downs from family or friends. But looks like a great space!

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