International Shipping Experiment!

Clinkers around the World, good news! Jason and I have heard your cry. International shipping became too expensive after we transitioned to Hat Club shipping Clink orders. When we shipped hats out of our office we had a great International rate and International Clinkers ate it up.

That great international shipping rate is back! We’re starting our International Shipping experiment with 3 countries: Canada, the UK, and Australia. If that goes well we’ll add more! (We see you Japan, Germany, and France!) Here’s the dets…


Head to the Clink store and lets give this International Shipping thing a test drive! Here’s the complete list of shipping rates and speeds…



7 thoughts on “International Shipping Experiment!

  1. While this is a great development, shipping was still cheaper when TCR had it’s own store.
    Shipping to The Netherlands was $10,95 I believe.

    Still playing the waiting game for the new TCR store, with more Designed By Clinkers hats and new 1-in-150’s. Luckily, I’m a very patient man :)

  2. Hey Danny & TJ,

    We’re rolling out to these 4 countries right now, and if all goes as planned, we’ll expand to more counties including The Netherlands.

    Also, we know the new Clink store is taking much longer than any of us planned. The design has been in the programmers hands and we’ve been working on the final details. One of these new features is the ability to create your own checkout profile.

    We know it’s been almost a year in the making, so we really appreciate your patience with us.


  3. Can’t wait for the new shipping rates for France…
    Got more than 20 clink hats, buy every hats who comes out (like 2 per month), but since hatclub, i just buy 1 Time 2 hats !! Too expensive !!!

    So as soon as you change the rates, i will make my crédit card hot like hell 😉

  4. This is wonderful news, I am guessing you’ll be seeing an influx in your sales! I’m glad to hear you were able to find a better air freight shipping rate for your customers. What other countries do you plan to offer this to in the future?

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