Tweet Quotes: Brand New Conference

Here are some of the tweets from attendees quoting Brandiose at the Brand New Conference. If you want to watch the whole talk, head over here and and for just $8 you can watch the full squadoo…

“Are we in the baseball business or in the circus business? We’re in the circus business” #bnconf #quips

— Brand New Conference (@bnconf) September 13, 2013

@brandiose watch closely how fans are acting inside baseball stadium in order to design a team brand that fits them = User research #BNConf

— Sophie Masure (@sophiemasure) September 13, 2013

Establish polar ends of your audience spectrum, and make sure the identity speaks to both. @Brandiose, on acceptance #bnconf

— Ologie (@ologie) September 13, 2013

“There’s a lot of brainstorming & a lot of beer drinking.” – @Brandiose on immersing w/ minor league baseball clients. #dreamjobs #BNConf

— Meghan Arnold (@MeghanCArnold) September 13, 2013

Create rituals, and people will keep coming back. Sound advice from @Brandiose #bnconf #ologie

— Kyle Kastranec (@kastranec) September 13, 2013

“America’s the story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” @Brandiose on #inspiration for Minor League Baseball #branding #BNConf

— Meghan Arnold (@MeghanCArnold) September 13, 2013

Al Tuna rally cap. Brilliant marketing by @Brandiose speaking @bnconf. #BNConf #IWantAHat @Brandiose speaking @bnconf. #BNConf #IWantAHat

— Upside Collective (@upsidetweets) September 13, 2013

“[For the Cincinnati Reds] it was fun to think major league…but we’re minor league guys.” –@Brandiose #bnconf

— Jack Curry (@thejackamo) September 13, 2013


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