Brandiose X Phillies Organization

Last week the Phillies recognized the winners of their Minor League Step Up Community Service Award program. Honoring reps from across their Minor League system. I always knew Brandiose had a big presence in the Phils organization but seeing all these jerseys lined up like this surprised me. Not that we’re keeping track or anything, but that’s 5 out of 6 jerseys designed by Brandiose and 3 out of 6 that we had a hand in naming. Feels good!


Kick this weakend’s ass Clinkers!


3 thoughts on “Brandiose X Phillies Organization

  1. That’s a pretty strong line-up right there! I had to break my personal rule of only wearing hats of teams whose stadiums I’ve visited (or given as gifts), because the fighting ostrich was irresistible. It’s feeling like a gateway drug…
    As sad as it is that the baseball season;s end is fast approaching, I’m already looking forward to seeing the new identities for the coming season. Here’s hoping for a Tribe farm team or two!

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