Live Coverage – El Paso Unveiling

Tune in here at 4:30pm CT today (5:30pm ET/2:30pm PT) for Live Video Coverage of the El Paso Triple-A Logo Unveiling.


29 thoughts on “Live Coverage – El Paso Unveiling

  1. Horrible. Stereotypical, embarrassing, 90% of everyone here in El Paso HATE this logo. Chihuahuas? Seriously? The most pathetic dog you can choose? What about the Sun Dogs? I will never go to a game with a name like that. Sad….

  2. Talk about adding insult to injury. Unwanted name for an unwanted ball park. I was starting to get used to the idea of having a ball park and this happened. Appropriate words cannot accurately describe how I feel about this. I’m sure there were way better names. I know I submitted a name that was better than this.

  3. So you guys claimed to do “research” on El Paso, then came up with one of the most racist names possible? Way to go!

    Why not just have a logo with a sleepy Mexican leaning against a cactus with a sombrero pulled over his eyes while you’re at it?

  4. There is no way I’m wearing a cap, t-shirt, or jacket with that embarrassing and insulting name and logo. Your small minds and lack of imagination will make us the laughing stock of the league. You have also cemented my decision to not even consider buying season tickets. My enthusiasm and excitement about the team and the new ballpark have seriously waned.

  5. Ok. You hate the name.
    But please stop being so unfair with Casey & Jason !!
    I see all the logos and wordmarks, it’s a great job.
    They did a cool work !!!! I did not imagine it was possible to do that with a name (and a Dog) like chihuahua … Hat logos, alternate logo (ball & bones) are amazing.

    So if you feel insulted (and i can understand that) please attack the organisation, the front office, not the designers … Because they got a lot of creativity and we must respect all the time spend on this great work

  6. Wow at the reaction here. I was a bit surprised at the Chihuahuas being the final choice given the awesome team name choices, but given how goofy names are in the Minor Leagues I wasn’t surprised at all. The bits about it being racially and culturally insensitive is a bit ridiculous given the breed’s origin and the location of the Chihuahua state itself which would be in present day Texas. However, I do understand wanting a logo and team name that evokes the identity of the city.

  7. As Schobert said. Don’t shoot the messenger(s). Jason & Casey are hired by the team to design what the “team” wants. They didn’t come up with the Chihuahuas. The Padres pathetic organization did. Everyone in El Paso should be upset as I would be but, point the anger towards the team and Padres organization. I’m pretty positive the people of El Paso chose Desert Gators (from what I have heard) which would have been pretty Epic. Everyone should know by now these vote for team name surveys only play a very small roll in the actual name picked. In this case the people of El Paso got screwed out of a potential great name and got stuck with a little timid dog.

  8. Someone please explain how this is racist?

    Not a big fan of a tiny dog being the image for a team, but I think Brandiose did a great job of rendering the logo’s (as always).

    Blame the guys in charge of the team, not the designers they hired….

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