El Paso Chihuahuas-Now Available!

Your El Paso Chihuahuas official on-field hat is now available in the Clink store. Head over here to check it out and show your Chihuahuas love.



5 thoughts on “El Paso Chihuahuas-Now Available!

  1. I introduced my flmeae chihuahua to my male when hhe was 12 and she was 7 weeks old. The male accepted her and now I want another flmeae but I don’t think my flmeae will accept another dog. It hurts me, but I think she would be too depressed because she’s very pocessive My males were not but she is so I think I’m stuck with her because chihuhuahua flmeaes are much much more pocessive than males. I lost Tommie, but never the less he was 3 when i got Timmie and Timmie was 12 when I got Tia (female) everything is good but she takes over and if I get another one I think I will loose her. She’ll go into a shell and die

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