Introducing Your El Paso Chihuahuas


Introducing your El Paso Chihuahuas, the Triple-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres and our first unveiling of the Brandiose rebranding season! We are very excited to be involved in the naming and design of this newest Minor League Baseball brand.

Why the El Paso Chihuahuas? For starters, El Paso is located in the Chihuahuan desert. El Paso is a border town. Their sister city in Mexico is Juarez. With a fan base that will include a large cross-section of Mexican-Americans, new Mexican immigrants, and citizens of Mexico, the name had to work in both Spanish and English. We also love it for the story it tells. It’s a story unique to the Minor League Baseball brand of entertainment. With teams names like the Toledo Mudhens and the Richmond Flying Squirrels, it’s the story of the mascot that seemingly isn’t the toughest species on the block, scrapping for the respect it deserves. It’s the story of the Minor League players, fighting to earn their spot in the Big Leagues. It’s the story of America, the little guy pulling up their bootstraps and making something of themselves – ordinary people doing extraordinary things. And most importantly it’s the story of El Paso, a town, that for too long, hasen’t got the respect that it deserves. It’s a really cool town and one that is scrapping for the respect that it deserves. Just like our scrappy Chihuahua!

We can’t wait to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the process of developing the El Paso Chihuahuas name and identity. Today we’ll have  Chihuahuas official on-field hats for sale in the Clink store!


15 thoughts on “Introducing Your El Paso Chihuahuas

  1. Very cool idea, guys! I am curious about your decision to use much more jagged lines in this logo compared to many of your others. While I am normally not a fan of that style, it really seems to help give the chihuahua a hyper-fierce feeling. Its almost as if he was loaded on caffeine and then you pissed him off. Very cool! Can’t wait to see the uniforms.

  2. I’m sure a TON of research went into this… OR a quick slideshow of sterotypes. But hey, at least it’s not the El Paso Sombreros, or Mariachis… :/

  3. I find this to be an interesting choice – not the name I expected, for sure!

    If I were to offer criticism, it wouldn’t be on the name choice, which most opponents seem to be focusing on. I really do not understand the claims of racism or stereotyping, since nothing about this appears racially-based at all. If anything, it seems to be a case of projecting by those that do associate Chihuahuas with a racial stereotype. Seems like weak sauce.

    No, the criticism I would offer would be on what looks like inconsistent handling between the graphics and the wordmarks. I really love the handling of the full-body chihuahuas, the ball and bones, and the head-only cap logo. I’m not hot on the handling of the wordmarks and the EP. They just don’t seem to be as tight at the other elements of the identity package. Maybe it’s personal preference for cleaner, uniform text, but this seems to be a commonality among recent packages that I’m not a big fan of. The Pensacola, Eugene, and Richmond identities seem very similar – great mascots and icons, but wordmarks that border on sloppy in their handling. I’d love to see a return to the elegance of the Lakeland, Wilmington, and Lehigh Valley marks!

    That said, I’m seriously tempted to get one of those home hats, and am looking forward to the BTS to come!

  4. For all of you thinking that Jason and Casey had ANYTHING to do with the name, they probably didn’t. There was a contest and I guess Chihuahuas won. They were given the team name and ran with it, they didn’t assign the name. There’s a lot of backlash from people in El Paso that starts with the stadium from what I hear…..people are just looking for reasons to complain. I’m not from El Paso, so take that last part with a grain of salt because that’s just what I’ve read so far. If anyone wants to correct me, I’d be okay with that.

    Personally, I like what they did. The baseball and crossbones hat is most likely going to get added to the collection.

  5. Wish you had done something with the initials EP or C or EPC, with less or no emphasis on the cartoons. I realize, though, that is what’s the thing now in branding, especially minor league branding.
    I don’t think this is the best you’ve done, but I assume the client is happy.

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