United Pixel Workers-Available!

The Clink Room and United Pixel Workers are proud to announce, finally, that our collaboration is now available in the Clink store. Head over hear to get yours.



Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


8 thoughts on “United Pixel Workers-Available!

  1. Is the new Lakeland Flying Tigers a 1 in 150? If so, does ordering through Hat Club assure the same hat number as through the old Clink Store?

  2. Thanks, Casey! So, should I go ahead and get my order in now, or wait until Monday’s post? I understand the cost considerations or producing a very limited hat, so if an Edition version is not forthcoming, I’ll go ahead and order this one ASAP. But if there ARE Editions on the way, I may consider waiting… I’d rather have the hat in hand (or on head) than no hat but also without the Edition numbering.

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