Sea Devils-Now Available!

Chris Cox’s Sea Devils reboot in black and neon green, now available in the Clink store! Get ’em while the get tin’s guud.



13 thoughts on “Sea Devils-Now Available!

  1. No mention of the Inland Empire 66ers new designs?

    I get that this site has probably become a big money maker for you guys, but it seems every day all that is posted about is a new hat that is for sale. When the site started out it was a great place to come and see a cool BTS on a logo, see new logos revealed, hear stories about the craft, or engage in design contests. It has slowly (or not so slowly) but surely gotten away from that. Kinda bums me out.

  2. ^ Good question. I was thinking about this as well, Im not sure which I prefer, they are both pretty cool.

    Congrats on yet another colorway, this is the third? Neon green is pretty cool, its a color that has grown on me recently.

  3. Hey Guys, yes moving forward all back hits will be a simplified version of Clinker Kevin’s logo. The original logo was great, but it was getting confused for MLB’s logo. Next month, several (long awaited!!) Clinker caps are finally arriving. We felt it was better to honor all Clinkers with a back hit (designed by a Clinker), that uniquely Clink.

  4. I’m happy to hear some clinkers hats are coming very soon !!!
    Just hope the european shipping will be revised by that time because the method used by hatclub is just too expensive.

  5. Hi Jason.
    I live in France.
    Before “hat club” i buy every Friday the hat that drops on the Clink Room.
    Shipping was like 10$ for 1 hat.
    Taking 8/10 days for delivery and no customs.
    With hat club it’s 44$ for 1 hat + customs at delivery (like 30$).
    Saturday i ordered 4 hats so i dont loose too much on shipping (same price, and at 5 hats goes up to 55$).
    Hats will come real quick, like 4 days, but i will pay 50 to 70$ customs…
    That’s the Big problem !!!
    If hat club use Usps (per exemple), it cheaper and custom free.
    Because of that, i passed on some great hats and i’m pissed off…
    I buy 4, but i loved to buy 2 more (and i dont count on all the great hats to be dropped soon).

    Hope you can understand me 😉
    Have a great day and keep it clinkin’ !!!


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