Brandiose Rebrands the I.E. 66ers

Brandiose is proud to introduce your newly rebranded Inland Empire 66ers, Single A for the Anaheim Angels. There are so many fun elements to this new brand; the slugger mechanic, the 66ers hood ornament, the angry big block Chevy V8. The Clink Room will be stocking 66ers’ hats soon. Stay tuned!


Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


6 thoughts on “Brandiose Rebrands the I.E. 66ers

  1. Yeah, Henry Rollins is just a coincidence. Inland Empire is a blue collar community, and we were looking to tell the 66ers Brand Story from another angle. There is some confusion/trademarking issues with the Route 66 sign, so the challenge was: How do you tell the story of cars on the most famous highway, without going near the sign. Muscle cars became a huge inspiration, hence the classic Blue & Orange Unical 76 scheme.

    We experimented with metallic black thread to give the oil this wet look, that didn’t pan out during the sample phase.

    We’re dreaming up a whole immersive experience at the ballpark including the name of the food items, team store, etc.

  2. i’m a fan of henry’s, so it’s not a bad thing.

    as a hot rod guy, i guess a think of rt.66 as a 50’s era for cars, not muscle cars. the hood ornament hits at that. maybe i’ve just watched CARS too many times with my 2-year old.

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