Eels & Heartbreakers- Available!

Two new Designed-by-Clinkers styles are now available in the Clink store! Joe Osborne’s Eels and Patrick Finney’s Heartbreakers! Head over to the Clink store and check them out.




7 thoughts on “Eels & Heartbreakers- Available!

  1. They both came out great!
    Personally I would’ve preferred the Eels’ original orange on black colorway, but that’s just me.

    Does HC require you guys to have the New Era flag in matching fabric colors?
    (I love the New Era brand, so I went for a double colored flag on my caps myself, would love some insight!)

  2. Hey Danny, the New Era flag is whatever color we all think fits the design best. Sometimes it’s colored to compliment the design, other times it’s tonal as not to distract. On these, we felt the each logo’s story was so powerful, we didn’t want to take away from them.

  3. These came out nice, good to see these get their due.

    Heartbreakers colorway is very nice. I agree with the previous post that a blk/orange Eels would have been better. Also was their any specific reason that you went with the script over just the eel with the bat? . I’d love to see a re up down the road of the OG concept.

    Nice work guys. It can’t be easy juggling all this, us Clink vets appreciate the efforts.

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