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We got to talk to Joseph Osborne, designer of the slick Eels Fitted and winner of the The Clink Room’s “Shadow League” contest:

Where did your love for art and design come from?

My mom always was doing arts and crafts growing up so from an early age I enjoyed making things… that translated into a love for design when we got our first computer. I spent hours on MS Paint recreating cartoon characters and movie covers. My love for design just grew from there.

What does it mean to be a “Clinker” and how did you get involved with The Clink Room?

Being a Clinker is all about fun, it’s great to see all the behind the scenes stuff from Brandiose and the fact that they give anyone an opportunity to have their work come to life is a rare and awesome thing.

I discovered The Clink Room midway through the skate shop league… I wasn’t sure what was even going on so I went all the way back to the first post and caught myself up. It blew my mind they were even attempting a competition like this. When the Shadow League was announced I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

Please tell us about the The Eels design challenge and what does it feel like to reign champion?

The Shadow League competition was a little different from the others, the idea was to do something simple that would reproduce well with just one color. Thinking about the Wallbats “W” I knew I wanted to do an animal that corresponded with a letter… So “E is for Eel” came to me and I ran with it. It feels great to have my work come to life in such a badass way.

What does one have to take into consideration when designing logos for a hat?

Keep It Simple Stupid. The more I design the more I realize there is a lot to be said for simplicity. I look back on the Eels design and think I could have done stuff different to make it simpler so it would stitch better but that is all part of the learning process.

Thoughts on the final outcome of The Eels hat?

I think it turned out good. The color scheme was different than the original black and orange I submitted but Casey and Jason are pros so I trust their opinion.

Any exciting projects coming up?

Nothing coming up right now but I post all my projects on Dribbble.

Kick this Thanksgiving’s ass Clinkers!


2 thoughts on “Clinker Joe Osborne Interview

  1. Well done, Joe. Those script letters are tough to make, but they look great with the raised embroidery. Thanks for sharing a link to your work – really impressive. I’m glad I got a reminder for the designer behind the Atom Splitters – that was one of my favorites from the last round. Don’t give up on that guy – I still need him on a fitted with that Miami Hurricanes colorway.

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