Help Out the Philippines

Hey Clinkers, the Philippines needs our help. Our Filipino Clinkers and Hat Clubers have been very good to us. We want to make sure that you all know what’s happening over there. 10,000 dead, 600,000 are displaced. Even $5 helps. Head over to to help out.


Thank a veteran today and thank you Clinkers!

FlyingTigers B.T.S.-Available!

Check out what just showed up in the Clink store! FlyingTigers Behind-the-Scenes Cap! A deep-cut logo, not on the official logo sheet? Check! A descriptive, hand-written name of the hat on the back? Check! A cork under visor? Check! Bonus custom FlyingTigers kill-marks? Check! Head over to the Clink store to get yours!


FAQ: Isn’t this a reboot of the Editions that we all know and love? No! It’s not an Edition. It’s the new B.T.S. style.

Why isn’t it an Edition, it looks like an Edition? Editions were fun but they were a ton of work and we needed to find a way to do a behind-the-scenes style hat in a sustainable way.

Is this what it looks like when two guys are experimenting and learning as they go? Yeah! (Lucky you if you got an original Edition!)