Chad Stilson’s Chief!

Here’s a curve ball in the Clink X Clinkers department. Chad is a longtime Clinker and a super super talented dude. When we came across his design of this amazing Chief on his Dribbble we asked if we could make a hat of it. He was into the idea and so were we. We were so inspired by the design, we created this custom faceted native print for the visor. We’re so pumped with how this thing came out. Head over to our online store to grab one…



18 thoughts on “Chad Stilson’s Chief!

  1. Are you kidding me? Do you guys pay attention to the news? You’re contributing to a long history of making money from a racist stereotype. Hope you sleep well tonight Jason, Casey, and Chad.

  2. I’m interested by your statement… “We were so inspired by the design.” I gotta ask, do you frequently find inspiration from racist stereotypes? Good to know you are “so pumped” about furthering the ethnic stereotyping of Native Americans.

  3. I think we can all take this “Racial Stereotype” stuff a little far.
    I believe this is a tasteful depiction of a Native American.
    He doesn’t have a huge cartoony nose and bucked teeth like other designs.
    Its not entitled “The Red Skins” or anything like that.
    So at the risk of never making another Native American “Stereotype”, we should stop making Native American designs all together?
    Take it down a notch guys, sheesh!

  4. Soooo you have a Navajo print with a not so authentic man in a Lakota headdress? There are no bounds to racial stereotyping. Geez if you are gonna do something like this, at least throw your heart into researching the people you are mocking, mmmkay? Then with a lot of research under your belt, you will finally understand why it is not okay to mock an entire race of people! Native American designs should only be made by real Natives, then there isn’t this stupid rendition of “native themed” art that completely insults two totally different tribes. Might be a good idea to just scrap this design and maybe put together a hat with a Jewish Priest, or a an African Shaman, or possibly a KKK grand master…..

  5. Good point Real Native American. This is another example of Navajo intellectual property appropriation. Hey Chad, did you receive permission from the Navajo tribal council to make money from a traditional pattern? If not, you’re no better than Urban Outfitters. Please read these articles to learn why this hat is inappropriate.

    Hey Jason and Casey – if a “Chief” design is acceptable, then can I assume that an “Uncle Tom” logo is ok?

  6. This is a form of racial bullying that you are promoting with this design. I am an artist and like you am capable of recognizing a racial stereotype when I see it. When you promote a race-based stereotype and send it out into the world you are making the world a little worse for all our children. You are teaching children that it is ok to stereotype an entire race of people. this is not a small issue. Race-based Indian logo stereotypes lead to tolerance of stereotyping of other minority groups as well. Stop doing this. You are engaging in an act of racial discrimination, these stereotypes harm our children.

  7. What an egregious example of cultural theft and of racial stereotyping! American Indians have been working for decades to increase awareness among non-Natives that this constitutes cultural theft. Please remove this race-based hat from your offerings and remove it from your website.
    While it may have been done initially with no “Intent” to harm, once you’ve been informed that such usage is wrong and has been objected to, knowingly continuing the practice even after you’ve been informed it’s objectionable changes the selling of the harmful product from “an unintentional harm” to “intentional harm”.
    Now that you’ve been informed, selling the race-based hat in the future becomes a harmful act that was continued “knowingly” and “intentionally”, in spite of being aware it’s a race-based act that’s harmful to American Indians. This would be an act of racism since it would be the act of continuing a race-based practice even after you became aware the act harms the targeted racial minority group.
    Please do yourself and American Indians a favor! Do the right thing and remove this race-based hat from your website.

  8. I live in the NC were i have to Native American tribes here Lumbee and Blackfoot. I bought this hat and showed them to the some of the people everyone was 100% fine with this hat in fact they wanted to purchase it. Native American tribes are a very divided group. In the days of the wild west there was a lot of fighting among rival tribes and that divide is still here. Each tribe has there own opinion on mascots and if they find them offensive or not. There are tribe members who have embraced the “Redskins” logo and those who oppose it. Remember there are 566 tribes just b/c one tribe says its offensive that tribe doesn’t speak for all tribes in the United States.

    • O K magnetic, first off, there is no blackfoot tribe in North Carolina, good try dude, but you fail. Second I speak for my family. The appropriation of our cultures is a crime, I am sorry generic white people don’t have any culture, but us real native Americans would sure appreciate it if people would stop supporting theft of our cultures.

  9. Thanks for the feedback Mike and magnetic.

    I’d like to mention that exposure to Indigenous stereotypes causes psychological harm to Indigenous people, even through they might not realize it. This has been proven my many psychologists and has been supported by the American Psychological Association (an organization with 137,000 members. One way that his affects Native peoples is through internalized racism. This refers to the personal conscious or subconscious acceptance of the dominant society’s racist views, stereotypes and biases of Indigenous people. It gives rise to patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that result in too many Indigenous people criticizing, finding fault, invalidating, and hating themselves while simultaneously valuing the dominant culture. It’s easy to believe that logos like the one on this cap are harmless, but they really represent hundreds of years of oppression. That’s why I’ve spoken out against the use of this logo.

    The fact that Chad, Jason, and Casey are making money from this cap is unethical. I pose the same question to them – if this “Chief” design is acceptable, then would they produce an “Uncle Tom” cap?

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