First Entries!

Yes! Lets get this party started right! These are the first entries to the new collaboration contests! Some really fun ones. We’ve got a bunch more that we want to post. Thanks for your patience and keep them coming!

Jesse! Wow, you’ve improved an insane amount. Really love this concept and the execution. Three changes: make the drops at the bottom of the head larger and eliminate 1/3 of them, make the outline around the whole logo wider, and ditch that thin brown/grey line in the bottom shadow of his head. Amazing start!

Jordan! Very cool design. I’d like to see you get rid of the steel verticals. What design can you make with just the body of the shark? Two Sharks? Love the rendering of the shark!

T.J.! This is perfect as is. Love how you addressed the one color challenge. My only comment is that yes, the “M” stands for Masters but that might not be clear to Clinkers who casually come across this design in the online store. Is there a letter (or letters) that we could make out of these “chucks” that would instantly be clear? A “K” for Kung fu? An “N” for Ninja? An H.K. for Hong Kong?


9 thoughts on “First Entries!

  1. raine, only 5 of the Shadow League winners got made up till now, so it’s more than likely that it’s incoming.

    Jesse, Scary entry! Great job.

    Jordan, Love that Hammerhead! Maybe try experimenting with making the shark itself from steel?
    Would look great in Metallic threads.

    T.J, Great mono-color logo!

  2. I like the Tar Tigers…but…it reminds me a little too much of the Mobile Bay Bears logo done by Plan B/Brandiose a few years back.

  3. T.J. – awesome idea with a great execution! I’m impressed with the amount if character you’ve gotten out of the pupil-less eyes and shadowed jaws. Very nicely done!

    Jordan – that’s an excellent piece of rendering. It will be interesting to see what you can do with multiple sharks. Or, make it a shadow league entry and use the distinctive hammerhead silhouette in the negative spaces of a capital H.

    Jesse – no joke, I had a similar idea for a team called the “nunchucks” with a single one creating a capital N (imagine the chain as the diagonal connector). I may still submit an alternate idea to go with this, because you’re almost at something iconic.

  4. Thanks everyone! I’ll see what I can do with a couple of em in there.

    Tar Tigers – Sick! But a little too much detail with the drips. Knock a couple of those off and you’d be golden.

    Masters – I agree with everyone else. You’re so close!

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