Headhunter Glow Bananas

Jay! Yes! This is just what I had in mind for the Kong Franchise challenge. I think the concept is great. I think we’ve had a banana pencil concept submitted before on Clink. I’m wondering if you could take the concept up a notch. What if you had Kong wearing the banana peel? What about bringing this guys to life, Kong’s sidekick? Go!

Lewis!This is awesome. It needs some tropical fabrics to go with it. Such a fun concept with great execution. Awesome!
Amazon Headhunters

Adam! Simple, fun, weird. All things we tribe for here in the Clink Room. We want another concept! Go!


One thought on “Headhunter Glow Bananas

  1. Jay: I like the start, but the shape isn’t dramatic enough yet. The idea behind this being for spring training or batting practice is great, but the silhouette of the pencil/banana isn’t dynamic. Go beyond a basic half-moon shape! And add some vibrancy to the colors! They look a little muted.

    Lewis: Some of the Clink Room and Hat Club caps have great custom patterns – would love to see you take Casey’s suggestion and offer some prints you might want to see. Nicely executed.

    Adam: I love the iconic mark you’ve created here. Very clever!

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