Splash Witch Arrow Troopers

Clinkers! Oh man am I bummed that we haven’t been posting your amazing entires as often as we would have liked. Or as often as you guys deserve! Jason and I have been slammed working on a huge project that I’ll be excited to tell you guys about in the next few weeks. It’s all consuming so we’ve been doing our best with Clink posts. I promise to try my best to post your entries more often. Promise!

Lets kick off that promise by showing you 4 entries that require no tweaking at all! We culled through a bunch of entires to find these guys and they’re all exceptional. Thanks to Grant Aussie Ry, and Nick for making this round of entires so easy while we try to dig ourselves out of this massive project.



AussieRyan-Yellowstone Troopers


Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Retro Metro Kong

Ross! Giving us 2 great takes on a retro style Kong Franchise hat. I really like the funkiness of your line work. His expression is totally inline with what you see in old college logos. Kong’s angry but maybe a little confused too. That’s awesome. Love the hand (paw?) punch too. We could do some amazing stuff with raised embroidery on that piece. Epic work my man!


Jesse! HEAT! Oh man do I love this thing. Even with flat embroidery this think would feel like a real-life miniaturized tile mosaic. The color variance is spot on. The font is a great one. You really took time to get the tile layout correct. This is exactly how it’s done in NYC subways. This could not have been executed better. This kid’s unstoppable!