Great or Greatest?

Here is the Mexican ski team uniform for the Olympics. Great uniform or greatest uniform?



9 thoughts on “Great or Greatest?

  1. Even more interesting is that he is a German who was born in Mexico because his parents owned a car dealership there. He also could have skied for Italy, Germany, Lichtenstein and I think one other country. I’m guessing his odds of making the team are better in Mexico. Greatest uniform ever. I love it. Glad to see someone having fun and not taking themselves too seriously.

  2. So, let me get this somewhat straight. We are hammered during football season that the Redskins name is offensive and must be changed to appease the political correct crowd, the Cleveland Indians just dropped Chief Wahoo from their field hats to silence some noisy wheels, but have a Mexican athlete dress like he is in a Mariachi Band roaming a ChiChi’s and it is funny/cute/shows national pride. I, myself do not see the joke. I think it is being done just to say “Look at me, I’m in the Olympics” and to drum up support for something most people could care less about. I will not watch the Olympics, and this actually makes me want to watch them less.

    Let the hate flow.

    • I don’t hate you for your opinion, John. But I disagree, the Mariachis are an incredible source of pride in the Mexican community. And rightly so, they are some of the most talented nimble musicians in the World. Would it be offensive if a US athlete had an Eagle on their uniform? Would it be offensive if you were from a lumber rich area with a proud lumber tradition and you had a red plaid jersey?

  3. This is so good. Why would anyone find it offensive? Yeah he’s German but, he’s Mexican, born in Mexico. Mariachi are part of his culture (or at least the culture he was born into) and a source of pride for that culture. He can use this all he wants. He has rights to it. Besides, how could the MEXICAN SKI TEAM not have a little sense of humor about itself? It’s almost as ironic as the Jamaican bobsled team. Everyone wants to (pretend to) be politically correct now but nobody can decide to what extent. Redskins I get. Anything pertaining to skin color is inherently a slur. Think of it this way, if there was a team called the San Francisco Yellowskins with a mascot of a bucktooth Asian with super squinty eyes, do you think some Asian people would be upset? What I don’t get is how North Dakota Fighting Sioux = terribly offensive, need to change it. While Notre Dame Fightin Irish = awesome, classic, print more shirts! I think (white-mexican) Louis CK is right, white people can’t be offended.

  4. The beauty of the Internet. My Grandfather once said “Opinions are like rearends(nice word inserted); everybody has one, they are best kept to theirselves, and everybody else’s stinks”. I understand the other posters sides/opinions, and like the open forum. People complained against the TacoBell Chihuahua, others found him cute and bought stuffed toys. Some rile up against team monikers of native Americans, ie Redskins, Braves, Indians, Seminoles, sSan Diego State etc. while I wear a Braves hat during baseball season, irony free. I see no problem with team names, but what gets me is the hypocrisy of some media outlets saying that Washington, Florida State, Cleveland, etc. need to change their identity, then put this on the end of their broadcast as a “human interest story/end on a funny note”. Maybe they are beating the drum to excite you for something out of the norm, or maybe he knows he has a low chance of winning, so he dresses in a “look at ME!” fashion. Worked for Agassi in tennis early on, works for Sharapova to this day. I think this is the reason it is being worn, not out of pride.

    I find it offensive, not humorous, not cute, not prideful. Wear a flag on your costume, incorporate its colors, maybe even an animal/national defining symbol like an eagle for the US, a bear for Russians, or a maple leaf for Canada. This is not the way to go.

  5. John – you find it offensive to whom? Mexicans? Mariachis? Skiing? Just trying to understand. This “look at ME!” fashion is called marketing. Maybe this guy’s uniform will (somehow) offend enough people, like yourself, to the point that they won’t watch. But I’d be willing to bet loads more people tune in to see if he actually wears the thing. This is a great human interest story. Everyones gonna be cheering for this guy. He’s 55 years old. He knows he’s probably not going to be anywhere near the medal stand but he’s already gotten more screen time than a lot of medal winners will get. He’s trying to bring attention to a sport that doesn’t get much in his country. Read up on him. He started the Mexican Ski Federation. He’s the only person representing his country in the winter olympics. This will be his 6th olympics! You won’t remember a quarter of the people on team USA but you’ll remember the Mexican skiier that wore the mariachi suit. The suit is over the top, outside the box, and brings some levity to the winter games. And to my knowledge, Mariachis were never slaughtered for their Mariachi lands or simply because they looked different, animals weren’t senselessly destroyed and left to rot on their Mariachi hunting grounds, and there was no “Mariachi Trail of Tears.” Go to a Mariachi reservation and take a poll to see how many of them are offended by this uniform. If he rocks a Chupacabra suit in 2018 will you be less offended?

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