Splash Witch Arrow Troopers

Clinkers! Oh man am I bummed that we haven’t been posting your amazing entires as often as we would have liked. Or as often as you guys deserve! Jason and I have been slammed working on a huge project that I’ll be excited to tell you guys about in the next few weeks. It’s all consuming so we’ve been doing our best with Clink posts. I promise to try my best to post your entries more often. Promise!

Lets kick off that promise by showing you 4 entries that require no tweaking at all! We culled through a bunch of entires to find these guys and they’re all exceptional. Thanks to Grant Aussie Ry, and Nick for making this round of entires so easy while we try to dig ourselves out of this massive project.



AussieRyan-Yellowstone Troopers


Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


10 thoughts on “Splash Witch Arrow Troopers

  1. Grant—loved the singed bat. I can just see the ashes tumbling down.

    Nick—Love the simplicity of the Arrows and LOVE the use of negative space. I feel like its a little plain though. What if the arrow head wasn’t made of straight lines, but rather looked like it had some curve to it from being formed? It might be a nice contrast to the hard edges of the “A”.

    Aussie Ry—I love the Splash. I love how the harmless goldfish looks like a killer in the x-ray. I like this version as-is, but I would also love to see a version where the entire fish was gold, but the bones were handled in raised stitching on the cap instead of being white. The Troopers is a nice concept, but I find myself being drawn more to your pencil sketch of it than your finalized version. Perhaps the final version could benefit from some more variation in line weight. Though, the weight you are using definitely gives it a more old-school look. Great work!

  2. I really like all these, troopers may have one-to-many colors, maybe make the scarf the same color as the outline?
    General question about the contest: What happens now? If a design is declared finished and not insta-drafted is it just assumed that it wont be made? Or are you guys going to select a bunch of winners at a later date? Maybe to coincide to with a hatclub release?

  3. Grant: I really enjoy your flames and the rendering of the charred bat is spot-on. The only (very minor) critique I suggest might be to remove the white keyline. It removes some of the implied animation in the flames, creating a static, almost-guitar-like shape.

    Aussie Ry: I’m digging the fish skeleton and body silhouette. A lot of potential for multiple colorways, too! Lastly, probably just a coincidence, but I like how the skull almost creates and abstract “S”! For the troopers, I echo what Kevin said about a slight preference to your original sketch. It’s tough to keep the life of the drawing when vectorizing, but you have the chops to make it successful.

    Nick: Maybe a little simple, but this will sing with raised embroidery. Either beveling the “A” or using a thread color close to the fabric to emboss the ridges of the negative space arrow, will make this great. Great ability to show restraint and not over-work a solid concept!

    Can’t wait to see more concepts!

  4. I know these are fictional logos, but I must point out that Mr. Garza’s use of a weapon to represent the Indigenous Peoples of upstate New York is an insulting example of racialized stereotyping that promotes noble savagery and places them in the past. And by the way, they were not solely hunters and gatherers. Have you heard of the Three Sisters? In Squash, maize, and beans. If you want to honor these people, learn about them, and when doing so, you’d learn that each tribal council would not want their heritage promoted for sport.

    Just another example of stereotype promotion by Casey and Jason.

  5. @Clinkerjames Did you read his description that he posted? I especially liked that last sentence he wrote. “Today these hunter and gatherers are honored on the field”. Didn’t they hunt with bow and arrows? I’m sure it that wasn’t 100%what they did I’m sure it was a large part of there lives. So by his statement how does “hunting and gathering” represent as you put it “noble savagery.” Instead of posting all this negativity and jumping on peoples back try it this way. “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.” Did you even bother to try and contact Mr. Garza and talk to him like an adult about his logo and see his point of view? Quit being so Darn hypersensitive.

  6. Whoa! Thanks for the comments guys, it means a lot coming from such veteran Clinkers!

    Now, Jesse had a great question, what does happen for these one-n-dones that weren’t insta-drafts?
    Do they go into a pool for some form of playoffs?

    The Splash design was one of those light bulb ideas that came to me whilst I was working on a Kiwi bird entry which I also submitted. Kevin you’re on point with the harmless goldfish/killer inside comment, that’s exactly what I was going for! Chris, I definitely looked to some of the iconic designs of previous victors (including yourself) when designing this logo, as I wanted to keep it simple and iconic so it had potential for a range of colourways. Kevin, I really like your suggestion of the one colour raised stitching for the bones, it’s an awesome idea! I was also thinking of just the reverse of that as well, by just going one colour on the thread and having the bones be the hat colour.

    Now, the Troopers entry that was posted was one a few I submitted for this concept. I realize that the line weight needs some work and this logo may be better suited to being used as a sleeve patch instead… I also submitted 2 versions of just the beaver head, which gave me some more room to play with thicker line weights. That said, I really love this character and had great fun creating him! I also submitted the alt logo on a forest green hat, which I feel is yet another iconic logo with potential for a variety of colourways. When I get around to it perhaps I’ll throw these on the clinkstagram for y’all to see.

    Nick – Beautiful, iconic and simple! You’d think that this was already a team! I lalso like Chris’ suggestion of the cardinal or a crimson hat.

    Grant – Amazing job on that ash! Man I tried something like that for my EMBATS designs and could never pull it off, well done!

  7. Thanks for the feedback Clinker Evil Genius.

    My point, which I should have made more clear, is that Algonquin and Iroquoian speakers of upstate New York STILL LIVE THERE. They, or their cultures, are not historical remnants which we can claim for entertainment. Sorry if I’m coming across as a negative nelly – I’m just sick and tired of non-Natives appropriating aspects of Native cultures without consent. Casey and Jason worked with the Spokane Nation for the “Indians” rebranding. The Spokane had a say. That was a classy move.

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