Grand Wyvern Sabers

T.J.! Done! Love this guys. A big contender for our next collection meeting. Great work.

GrandMastersLA 2

Tom! Yes! I love how simple you went with this. That takes confidence in your concept and your rendering abilities. You’ve got both of those in spades here. One-n-done!


Tom! I really like this concept too. Another stellar rendering. The one issue I have with this design is the flame at the bottom. It doesn’t feel dynamic enough. I’d like to see that flame accentuate the Dragon’s form, volume, and movement in someway. I’d also like to see it simplified a bit. Maybe only 3 flame points(?). I’m a little concerned with the Mortal Kombat similarities. What can you add to the dragon to really make him unique? I really love this concept and think with some work it could be exceptional. Lets see it!


Jerry Coleman 1924-2013

You may have heard of the unfortunate passing of Jerry Coleman. He was the voice of the Padres for the entirety of Jason and my lives. He is inseparable from the Padres in our minds. An icon presence in San Diego culture. When Jason and I worked for the Padres right out of High School, he was always kind and friendly to us whenever we passed him the hallways of Qualcomm Stadium. May his amazing catch phase echo the ballparks of San Diego forever! “You can hang a star on that one!” Thanks for everything Jerry!

Moby Ghost Roosters

Jordan! Love this concept. The moon is the perfect stand-in for a ghost. 2 things…I don’t think you need the picks and I want that moon more menacing. He’s right on the edge of aggressive and concerned. Take him all the way! Great start!

Francois! Great looking rooster! First off, you don’t need that circle and the claw marks. Second, I want you to cock (get it) his left arm back more. Giving him more energy and giving you a better negative shape. Really, really love his face. Could not have done better!

Jon! This!!!! One small change, make his arms (flippers?) a little longer. Just like the Rooster above, a little more energy and better negative space would take this guys over the top! Totally spectacular Jon! Epic work.