Opera Dawg Mammoth Snaps

Nathan! Fan-f**king-tastic! What a great idea and so many fun ways to add color. One-n-done!

Pe-Clink Opera Kong

Jordan! Bringing all kinds of heat to these design challenges. I did a design really similar to this one when the Bowling Green HotRods were exploring the idea of being named the Mammoths. But I think your version is better. Except one part, the tip of her trunk. Can we get a little more definition in there? I like the orange touch, what if you carried that color in her eyes and hair? Great start!


Tim! Very cool homage to a classic college bulldog. I’d love to see more definition in his nose and eyes. Do it!


Tim! Another great character in a round of great characters. I think it’s perfect, except of the bottom. I see two strategies, Either get rid of that dark underbelly and define that shell’s undercarriage or give him some hind legs possibly in silhouette. Do it!