Opera Dawg Mammoth Snaps

Nathan! Fan-f**king-tastic! What a great idea and so many fun ways to add color. One-n-done!

Pe-Clink Opera Kong

Jordan! Bringing all kinds of heat to these design challenges. I did a design really similar to this one when the Bowling Green HotRods were exploring the idea of being named the Mammoths. But I think your version is better. Except one part, the tip of her trunk. Can we get a little more definition in there? I like the orange touch, what if you carried that color in her eyes and hair? Great start!


Tim! Very cool homage to a classic college bulldog. I’d love to see more definition in his nose and eyes. Do it!


Tim! Another great character in a round of great characters. I think it’s perfect, except of the bottom. I see two strategies, Either get rid of that dark underbelly and define that shell’s undercarriage or give him some hind legs possibly in silhouette. Do it!



8 thoughts on “Opera Dawg Mammoth Snaps

  1. Love the Snappers! What a great idea, and I love seeing hockey represented!

    Opera-Kong is such a surprise. I never would have thought to take it there and it is brilliant!

    Mammoths is another one that I like, but I feel like something got lost in the transformation from pencil-sketch to final. There is something great about that pencil sketch which doesn’t quite seem to translate. Maybe there is more line weight variation in the pencil version?

    Great to see the Dawgs. I will have to do a bulldog logo at work in the next few months and it is great to see how other people handle it—especially since there are so many bulldog logos already out there.

  2. Jordan: Solid, solid. I really like the solid colored eyes. It’ll be interesting to see how you incorporate that orange of the underside of the trunk elsewhere in the design. The tip of the trunk requires only a little work. On one look I thought it was tapering to an almost flat end, but on the second look it looks almost like the orange is the end of the trunk twisting forward. Minor nitpicks, though!

    Tim: I particularly like the contrast of the smooth curve of the bulldog’s jowl against the sharp spikes of the collar. Maybe add some additional spikes on your next revision? The Snappers is my favorite of the pair; I look forward to seeing your next edit, perhaps with legs and skates. It’s hockey vs. baseball, but maybe change the name to the Ozark Snappers (with an “O”/turtle shell alternate logo?) as there’s a Prospect League team already named the Springfield Sliders.

    And thanks for the kind words on the Opera Kong! It was a fun exercise to take the Kevin’s great original and put my spin on it.

  3. Thanks, everyone!

    That Opera Kong is amazing! Really diggin’ the pencils hidden in the face paint!

    The Dawgs are great, but it loses a little bit of it’s ferocity with that bulbous nose. I’d tone that down a bit, but you’ve got a classic in the making there.

    Dat Snappers cap, tho. I had to double check to make sure it wasn’t their official team logo already in use – it’s THAT good. Well done!

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