MLB Famous Food Logos

SBNation’s, The Crawfish Boxes, has come up with a great set of MLB hats featuring famous foods from their hometowns. All inspired by our Lehigh Valley IronPigs bacon hat we designed. We’re flattered, impressed, and hungry! Check out the whole post here.







Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


7 thoughts on “MLB Famous Food Logos

  1. No “Dodger Dog” for the Los Angeles Dodgers?

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    From someone who spends 30-40 games a year in the stands, the Skyline hat for Cincinnati does make perfect sense, especially for our ‘tween inning Skyline Chili Cheese Shuffle. Give it a few more years, it may be the Tom and Chee’s Grilled Cheese Doughnut though. Started here in 2009, and expanding rapidly.

  2. Clam Chowder’s not Boston-specific enough. Now, Boston Baked Beans… THAT speaks to the city’s specific culinary heritage. There’s a reason Boston’s called “Beantown”. Hell, the original National League Boston Red Stockings – later, the Braves – were named the Beaneaters for 24 years. Replace that bowl of “chowdah” with a crockery beanpot chock-full of molasses-sweetened, salt pork-flavored baked beans and everything will be copacetic.

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