Flying Kong Troopers

Thanks for your patience Clinkers! The 2014 baseball season is about to start and things are pretty nuts around here trying to help our teams get everything ready. But lets dive into a long overdue Designed By Clinkers round.

Blake! I love this concept and the execution. Very clean, ver beautiful. I messed with some of the colors to make it pop. I think a metallic blue thread on that fish would really bring it to life. I love it! One-n-done!

Mike! What a badass interpretation of Kong! I love how you simplify him. You’ll see that I added a background element toe the pencil to bring it together. My only issue is Kong’s left hand. He’s waving at us here, which is cool. But it seems like a wasted opportunity for something. A thumbs up? A “we’re number one” finger perhaps? Not sure what’s the best story to tell with that left hand. Thoughts from Clinkers? But seriously that simplified Kong head is a stroke of genius.MikeIval-ClinkKong-C-01

Aussie Ry! Love this guy. The design is wonderful. I have 2 changes. I like the closed eye version but he needs to have a bigger smile on that face. Only a gigantic smile would cause the eyes to pucker up like that. Also the raccoon tail could use a few more bands. to make it stand out a bit more. Other than that it’s great. The best part? His inspiration boards. Check out those bad mamajamas.AussieRy-BeaverHEAD



The New Clink Shop!


The Clink Room is proud to unveil our new Clink shop! That’s right, it’s back and better than ever. You asked for it, you got it! A whole shop with nothing but hats designed by Brandiose and Clinkers. We appreciate your patience as we made the full transition, but we know you’re going to love the Clink touches that you’ll experience throughout the entire hat buying process. We’ve got lots of new designs and fun promotions coming down the pipe. Thanks, as always, for supporting what we’re doing here in The Clink Room. It’s going to be a lot of fun! Head over to the new Clink store and nose around!

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Introducing MiLB Inside The Park


Last week I mentioned that Brandiose has been working on an insanely huge project, and here it is. Jason and I are proud to introduce MiLB Inside The Park, Minor League Baseball’s new fan experience app. What is our involvement with MiLB Inside The Park? Glad you asked!

Last year, Brandiose was approached by the Reading Fightin Phils to create an app that reflected the type of fan experience that Minor League Baseball is know for. MiLB was already developing a great baseball-centric app, one that would tell you all that you’d ever want to know about all the Minor Leaguer’s making their way to the Big Show and your favorite MiLB teams. Reading wanted an app that told fans about all the events in the ballpark, allowed them to interact with promotions, etc.

So last year we developed that app. We had 11 teams that signed up to use the app and while it wasn’t as fun or comprehensive as we wanted it to be, it was a successful app. As the 2013 season came to a close and with time on our side, we began rebuilding the app. Last Fall we got a phone call from the powers that be at MLB and MiLB, asking if we’d show them the app we’ve been working on for the 2014 season. Fast forward to today and our app that we created is now the Fan Experience app for all of Minor League Baseball. So 11 teams in 2013 and now 160 teams in 2014. We are honored to be in this position and I can’t wait for you guys to download the app in both iOS and Android in the next few weeks.

Because this new project requires programing skills that Brandiose doesn’t have, we had to find partners and form a separate company from Brandiose. That company is Boomaphone, it’s a play on megaphone and that’s what we want the app to be, a megaphone for the fan experience. We want the fan’s experience to be magnified throughout the ballpark. Head over to to get a closer look at what we have in store for all the Minor League fans in 2014.

So there you have it. Hopefully you now have a better understanding of why Clink blog posts have been a little inconsistent over the last few weeks. We’ve got lots more to do for the 2014 MiLB Inside the Park launch and throughout the 2014 season. But Clink is still our baby. We love our Clinkers and have lots in the works that will be unveiled shortly. No sleep till 2015!