The New Clink Shop!


The Clink Room is proud to unveil our new Clink shop! That’s right, it’s back and better than ever. You asked for it, you got it! A whole shop with nothing but hats designed by Brandiose and Clinkers. We appreciate your patience as we made the full transition, but we know you’re going to love the Clink touches that you’ll experience throughout the entire hat buying process. We’ve got lots of new designs and fun promotions coming down the pipe. Thanks, as always, for supporting what we’re doing here in The Clink Room. It’s going to be a lot of fun! Head over to the new Clink store and nose around!

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


10 thoughts on “The New Clink Shop!

  1. Its been a long time coming but its good that its back! You know what I think was one of the greatest things about the Clink Room store? It was the “XX left” stamp that would be next to the hats that were getting in low stock. Coming from someone who’s had caps in the store, I always thought it was great that we could keep an eye on how our caps were doing and how many were going out the door. Plus I always thought it was a great incentive for people to get them before they were gone. Any chance you could do that again? It made the Store seem that much more alive.

  2. Hey Clicker C, we’ve made the transition away from Hat Club, and the hat club memberships aren’t part of the new Clink shop.

    Hey Clinker TJ, yes it was one of our favorites as well. Let us talk internally about adding that back in. We’ve worked hard to take the Clink experience to the next level over the last year. Clinkers said they wanted more caps in the Clink store, faster shipping and all the old school Clink treatment you loved. We’re constantly working on ways to enhance the Clink experience in 2014, and it may be a few months, but let us discuss this idea.

  3. Sounds good Jason. I think also, one thing that got lost once the Clinker Hats went to HatClub was the designers names got lost in the shuffle. Before when our caps were in the Clink Store, there was a little backstory and the designers name was featured prominently. These caps are a sort of badge of honor and something the designers are proud of. I think to not put them out there with the caps is a disservice to Clink and the artists. Now that the store is back up, I hope that this can be remedied as well.

    What makes Clink great are all those cool little touches and even though Clink has grown tremendously, we “vets” love the cool stuff that we came to enjoy back in the day. Bringing back some things like the promo vids for each hat may not really be feasible anymore, but hopefully something like these little additions are.

  4. Jason I just noticed it still said delivered by hat club and one of the main reasons I purchased a hat club membership was to get Clink products. I like the new store but it was nice to get a little better deal on a sweet hat… Anyway I’m really exited to see what you guys do differently with the store because right now it looks a little bit too much like hatclub. I know you guys will find ways to make it unique! You always do!

  5. Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. Yes, we’re going to be adding the bios back in over the next weeks as well. In fact, if you’re a Clinker with a cap currently in the store, please email us a behind the scenes look at your sketches in the same image size as the full-size cap images. We want to show your thought process behind the cap (as well as the bio).
    Clinker C- some of the Clink caps will still be stocked at Hat Club with member pricing, but only caps purchased in The Clink Room will arrive with swag.

  6. What an arsenal of designs! The new store is a clean showcase of the best caps out there. Congratulations on bringing it home.

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