Flying Kong Troopers

Thanks for your patience Clinkers! The 2014 baseball season is about to start and things are pretty nuts around here trying to help our teams get everything ready. But lets dive into a long overdue Designed By Clinkers round.

Blake! I love this concept and the execution. Very clean, ver beautiful. I messed with some of the colors to make it pop. I think a metallic blue thread on that fish would really bring it to life. I love it! One-n-done!

Mike! What a badass interpretation of Kong! I love how you simplify him. You’ll see that I added a background element toe the pencil to bring it together. My only issue is Kong’s left hand. He’s waving at us here, which is cool. But it seems like a wasted opportunity for something. A thumbs up? A “we’re number one” finger perhaps? Not sure what’s the best story to tell with that left hand. Thoughts from Clinkers? But seriously that simplified Kong head is a stroke of genius.MikeIval-ClinkKong-C-01

Aussie Ry! Love this guy. The design is wonderful. I have 2 changes. I like the closed eye version but he needs to have a bigger smile on that face. Only a gigantic smile would cause the eyes to pucker up like that. Also the raccoon tail could use a few more bands. to make it stand out a bit more. Other than that it’s great. The best part? His inspiration boards. Check out those bad mamajamas.AussieRy-BeaverHEAD




4 thoughts on “Flying Kong Troopers

  1. Blake—Your fish looks like a surfboard to me… could you play up that angle as another concept? What if you gave it a very Hawaiian feel? Maybe its a logo for a surf company. Maybe the body of the fish still resembles a surf board and the wings are formed by cresting waves or something…

    MIke—I love how the body of Kong forms a “K”. Brilliant!

  2. Blake: that fish (or two fish) will really look great in a metallic blue thread. Even some silver around the edges of the fins would be nice. Had you given any thought to creating a custom pattern for the underbill? That might be a good location for some Hawaiian flavor.

    Mike: Great job in maintaining the flavor of Kong at a smaller size with fewer details. The overall feel will probably be improved by adjusting the left hand and foot. Right now they are a little too similar. Maybe the hand is pointing out to the viewer? Or in a fist? Had you tried adjusting the right hand to be holding to the back of the “C” (with the fingertips appearing along the top)? Seeing the back of the hand as he grabs the front of the “C” is a little awkward to me.

    Aussie Ry: I like the head only, but not as much as your original full-body version. The rendering is fantastic, but without the flat tail and the addition of more fur, I think he looks less like a beaver and more like a generic-species woodland creature.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! I really appreciate it.
    I just finished off my revision of my Kiwi (North Shore Browns) entry and must say am pretty happy how he turned out. Next up, working on making that beaver have a real cheesy grin!

    Nathan, do you think adding a chomped piece of log in his mouth would make him read more beaver like? Maybe I’ll experiment with that option.

    J&C, that swamp possum you guys did is amazing! can we see a behind the scenes on that guy. You guys haven’t done one of those in a while…

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