Cheetah Kiwi Winter Sands

Whittier Strong! Man, what a concept. It’s hard to think of a stronger concept. The execution is great too. The only thing I want is more determination out of the cheetah’s expression. A mouth that’s growling, eyes with a little more focus. Make it so.


Aussie Ry! The most prolific Clinker of them all. I love those colors, I love the impish quality of the Kiwi. A few tweaks, I think you could have stronger negative shapes. The beak shouldn’t follow the curve of his belly, there should be some space between his legs and his body. I also think you could define his left wing a bit more. Also, rotate him 20 degrees clockwise. Do clock rotate in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere? Epic Ry!


Mike! Love this!! I don’t think you need the “MM” I know it’s the name, but it’s unnecessary when the concept is as iconic as this one. Go!


Kevin! Very cool(pun intended)! I’d like to see you make this guys feel cold without having to rely on color. What if the bats were icicles? What if you hid some snowflake patterns into the bear’s fur texture? I’m thinking that light blue shading could get that done in a subtle way. Do it as Clink’s ambassador from the cold North!