Draft Day – Spring 2014

It’s long overdue but we’re proud to unveil out first round of draftees from our new rolling contest. I’ll be hitting all the designers up with our collaboration contracts in the next week or so. Congrats to all draftees, Whittier Strong, Nick Garza, Aussie Ry, and Jesse Velleu. You guys continue to blow me away with your work.



15 thoughts on “Draft Day – Spring 2014

  1. Nicely, done gentlemen!

    A well-deserved win all around! This is a nice selection of modern and clever (Cheetahs), classically simple (Arrows), location-perfect (Metros), and a whimsical character-infused mascot (Troopers). Excellent work!

  2. What a surprise indeed. Here I was messing around with my Kiwi entry and then BAM! One of my Troopers entries gets drafted. Such a diverse batch of draftees as well!

    Congrats to Whittier, Nick and Jesse too!
    Whittier is this your first ever Clink entry?

    I can’t wait to see how all of these turn out!

  3. Congrats to all the winners!!! All very diserving!

    The cheetahs is logo and idea are awesome with the racing flag!

    The arrows is probably one of the most simple clean logos I’ve ever seen!

    The troopers has such a cool charecter! (Although I liked Ryan’s browns (kiwi) and full body a little better…)

    The metros just amazed me on how much detail can go into an illustrator logo and although it’s not really my style of hat it definitely deserves the win!

    Can’t wait to see more from all of you guys and I hope that if I can ever learn to use illustrated better that I can enter into this contest with you guys! I’ve got a lot of drawings I’d like to get on this sight!

    Again congrats to all the winners and best of luck in the future!

  4. Yes, this was my first-ever entry.

    My computer died a couple of months ago, and with limited internet access, I wasn’t really following my sports-branding sites. With my new computer, what a shock it was to find out that my design is being accepted! It’ll be a bit of a challenge–I lost my graphics files when my old computer died–so I may have to do some reworking, but I’m for it.

    Just, wow. Thank you all.

  5. Thanks guys! It means a lot.

    C – There’s still hope for the Kiwi, I just resubmitted my revision (it’s on Instagram if you want a sneak peek at it. Let me know if you like the brown or the blue? #theclinkroom).

    Whittier – That’s awesome (not the part about your PC dying), congrats.

  6. Thanks guys!
    I’ve been a fan of Brandiose & the Clink Room for years, so it means a lot for a design of mine to be a part of the community.

    Congrats to winners Whittier Strong, Aussie Ry, and Jesse Velleu!
    Such a wide range of cool & clever logos…it’s exciting to soon see these solid designs come to life through embroidery.

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