Clash of the Caps!

MiLB is running a cool “Clash of the Caps” feature over at Head over here to add you votes to the pot. Head over here to check out the leaderboard. (Brandiose is doing prettay prettay prettay good.)



4 thoughts on “Clash of the Caps!

  1. Is it strange that after voting for several dozen match-ups, I checked the leaderboard to check out how Brandiose-designed teams were doing? I found it interesting that a lot were at the top of the board, and also that a few were toward the bottom. Where I didn’t see as many was toward the middle. I think it proves you’re doing something right – create brands that inspire reactions, both positive and sometimes negatively. That’s much preferred, in my opinion, than creating middle-of-the-road designs that inspire no reaction or passion at all!

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