Demon Bellringer Kong

Phil! I love your style my man, but you buried the lead. That bottom logo with Kong climbing the pencil tower! That is a hat that I want. Please submit ASAP. Thank you!


Nathan! Yes! What a concept. Really remarkable, I’m jealous I didn’t come up with it first. A great concept perfectly executed. One-n-done!


Stern! Great character personality, great composition. I want some long tentacles either coming up from the other side of the Red Sun or have then circling around the Red Sun. I want longer tentacles. Make it so!


Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


3 thoughts on “Demon Bellringer Kong

  1. Phil – love the vibe on all your concepts, but I’m with Casey and Kevin. Even that word mark in the top left is a winner. Job well done!

    Nathan B – Casey said it all. A great concept and perfectly executed. Great work!

    Stern – Loving those eyes! But needs more tentacles. Great start!

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