Every so often it’s important to us to take a look back The Clink Room, and think about where we’ve come from and where were headed. With the launch of the new Clink shop behind us, it’s time for the 2014 State of the Room.

Last year, told us you wanted to see more caps in the Clink Shop. So we spent the past year overhauling the store loading it with more caps and unique designs. Now you view all the Clinker designs, Brandiose designs and Limited Edition designs by category. Plus there’s better images, and more views. We also added new Swag Bags with every order and if you’re a Size 8, there’s plenty in stock. You also asked for cheaper international shipping, and we found a way.

As we plan for the next year, we realize there’s some parts of The Clink Room you’ve grown to love, that have fallen by the wayside. While we’re always looking to the future, we don’t want to maintain The Clink Room’s original values and spirit. Clinker TJ said he misses the ritual countdown to a Clinker’s cap selling out : “6 left!” Others have said they miss the behind the scenes look at Brandiose’s latest work. We know we need to recapture what made Clink so special in the early years, and we want your opinion to help guide us…

1. What do you miss about The Clink Room?

2. What do you want to see more of? Less of?

3. What’s interesting? What’s gotta go?

4. What can we provide that would be a dream come true for you?

5. What would you do if you were in charge? Where do you want us to take The Clink Room?


18 thoughts on “STATE OF THE ROOM – SPRING 2014

  1. My 2 cents:

    More “designed-by-clinkers” caps, we’re still missing a few from past contests, and there are some designs I’d love to see restocked.

    It feels like I haven’t seen a BTS in ages! Bring that back, bring it BIG!

    Honestly, the collabs with HatClub are great and bring some original flavour in the cap game, but what I’d love to see is Brandiose Unchained! Go nuts with originals that aren’t for clients. I’m not sure if this is manageable, but still….would love to see what Casey can do.

  2. Im really glad your guys are doing this, the site honestly has been seeming kind of dead recently.

    One thing I miss is the build up to each release. I really liked when a whole week would be dedicated to the release of every “designed-by-clinker” hat with teasers, sketches, and insights into the collaboration process where any changes to the original design were explained. All of that would then lead up to the midnight release on friday. I always felt that generated a lot of excitement. These days it seems like multiple hats are released on the same day with barely any mention at all.

    Also, I know you guys made a big push to increase the amount of caps you’re producing, but to me it seems like you are sacrificing quality for quantity. Im not a big fan of the “On-Field Customs,” most of which are just recolors of caps you can buy from the team store. These new color schemes aren’t really any better than the originals and just lack creativity to me. It seems like something a site like Lids would do and I feel like the Clink Room should have much higher standards. I wish that instead of recoloring hats, you would replace these with unused logos like the “1-in-150” hats. I know those hats are harder to produce but maybe you could remove some elements like the cork under visor or custom fabrics. I guess what Im trying to say is you could essentially combine the best elements of the “1-in-150″s with the “On-field Customs.”

    Another thing I haven’t been loving is the rolling contest, which I was initially supportive of. I think the posts need to be more regular, maybe on a set day of the week, every week. I think the scarcity of the posts has hurt the amount of feedback that people’s designs are receiving. The insta-drafts are nice surprises, but i still feel that there should be some sort of know date where a round of winners will be picked.

    Overall i think the more in-the-know people are people are about when things are happening, the better. Maybe you guys could implement some sort of calendar along side the twitter feed that could show when hats would be released, when a round of winners will be selected, and when identities you guys created would be unveiled, etc.

  3. Personally what made Clink great was the “homestyle” little touches that you guys (Jason & Casey) put on all things Clink. Some things, like the swag bags are exactly this, the way you respond to us and help with design advice and such is also another great aspect of this site. I brought up the “xx left” as another example of the interactive nature of what I enjoyed about the site.

    I also think that the rolling contest thing doesn’t really work, the contest were events and people got up for them and I think that deadline was something that really helped. Now I think there isn’t that fire to create and to compete because there is no league focus that we had to shoot for, nor is there a deadline to meet.

    I don’t think there was anything wrong with putting out a lot of caps, you guys definitely did an amazing job of doing this considering the sheer scope, but I would agree with Jesse in that there was no hype in the releases and the fact that they often were released as a cluster with out any fanfare. I know it was a special feeling when my caps were featured in the Clink Room, and had like a buildup over the week with the sneak peeks and all. I felt a bit sorry for the recent caps that didn’t get that treatment.

    I really wish there were some Clink Tees again. I mean I know they may not have sold as well as you guys would have liked but I think you should give it another shot. The exposure Clink merch has gotten and how it has grown surely will translate to these shirts. What about a tee, with an all over print with all the Clinker designs? I know I would buy one!

    I think the 150 editions were so so sick, DO NOT ditch cork under bills. That IS Clink. I loved when they had special tags with the numbers and signatures and stuff. I loved this and always wished the Clinker designs had this so we designers could have our signatures on our caps. I know it might not be cost feasible, but this is the kind of stuff I like

    The B.T.S. are the best posts on the site. ESPECIALLY the sketches. Thats what we (I) want to see. Caps like the Phase Flying Tigers were born from these and are so great. I would love to see a Flying Squirrels with the “back turned squirrel with R”, so fresh…

    How about polls on which caps to “bring back” from the archives? Can it be done on Facebook if not the Clink page? You guys pick like 10 possible choices and let Clinkers be heard. Its a way to keep us interactive with the site

    And finally, would it be feasible for us Clinkers to post to the page? It would be cool to have a section where we can rap together and bounce ideas and designs around.

    I know that all these things I mentioned, take time, and effort and money! lol Its naive of us to think that you guys don’t take these things into consideration, this is not your main gig, we all understand that. I will just let know I appreciate the work you put in and thanks for your efforts!

  4. Vampire Clink Kong fitted cap for Halloween 2014! (And generally more Clink Kong fitteds, I missed out on the original release and I still regret that)

    What T.J said about the poll makes sense, there are a few caps that deserve a second coming.

  5. What I would like to see, or see more of:

    More un-used logos making it onto 1-150 hats. I missed the Clearwater Threshers Limited, but love the Tulsa Drillers and Bowling Green Blind Cave Shrimp. maybe 1 or 2 of them a year to make them seem more special, but like the idea of them. Great conversation pieces.

    Re-visit some logos that did not make it. Most people know the BlueGills design was VERY popular the contest last year, but got passed over somehow. Some poll where a past logo can be reconsidered for submission would be great.

    Maybe a buy/sell/trade marketplace? I have posted on about my desire to find a Glowfish hat in my size for quite some time. I suffered a very nasty car wreck around the time it was released, and had to be more vigilant with my money those 6 months, and missed its IPO. Maybe a clinker out there would be willing to part with one for the right price, or trade. Or, a bit different, if some were located in a “warehouse find” and put out there. The idea of a BST forum would also give people the option of bragging about their collections and answer questions about them other than through Twitter/Instagram. Would love to run across a Threshers 1-150 and/or Glowfish hat in 7 1/2 or larger here someday, and people that frequent this site would be the idea target to search.

    Foodies hats from a post a while back? Not sure of logistics of doing it, but would love o see several of the designs from there in hat form. My local Cincinnati Reds team would be graced with a Skyline Chili Coney hat as soon as I saw one.

    Agree with a previous poster, the On-The-Field customs I am not a fan of. I would like the same hat as the players on the field, not a neon-yellow, lime green billed cap that is an almost eyesore.
    Just my opinion on that though, I know there are those out there that like them, just not me.

    Clink on clinkers,



  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the B.T.S. and sketches. That was one of the most unique things that drew me into Plan b-Brandiose! Also the 1-150 we super neat seeing the ‘unused’ logos on hats was great, while I like the custom colorways I think using the different logos made it more special as opposed to changing fabric colors.

  8. Need TJ shams incredible “S” fitted to drop in 2 color ways & The Walbats to drop in two color ways pinstripe and all red! Let’s just drop TJs Shams “S”and The Walbats at the same time so we can have a monumental day in The Clink Room and fitted hat community!!!

  9. I agree with the 39Thirty sentiment as it opens up the caps to a broader market. At least some sort of mid-rise hat would be nice, as my 59fiftys are so boxy. I’d be curious as to what style caps are selling this year. I don’t care much about the cork underbill, myself.

    If you need any help finding any cap or design-related content to post daily, just ask us. We love a good reason to come back to the site every day.

  10. It’s just echoing others at this point, but I vote for more BTS stories. If they wrap up in a release of a new Phase cap (since the original 1-in-150 Editions seem to be retired), all the better! Seeing the through process, research, and sketches for new and refreshed identities was the best part of The Clink Room.
    New On-Filed Customs are fine, but I prefer either having the real on-field design, or a logo on a Phase cap that’s unavailable anywhere else. The 1-in150s/Phase caps are instant purchases every time!

  11. I came to The Clink Room because of unique, limited number/release caps.
    The Clinker designs, and 1 in 150’s are what made me spend hundreds of dollars to rebuild my cap collection.

    I’ve never been wearing a Clink cap, and NOT received compliments.
    The swag bags, personal touches, and immediate response time from Casey and Jason was just icing on the cake.

    Once The Hat Club got involved, less Clinker designs were issued, and customer service went completely out the window.
    BTS were a BIG part of bringing me back to the site, because it helped make me feel like I was a part of something secret, and new releases were exciting.

  12. Definitely with everyone else on the behind the scenes features and custom touches to Clink hats….keep it coming. I would love to see more of the winning hats be made over relaunching different colorways of ones we’ve seen. I’m still waiting on that Montezuma’s revenge hat by Clinker @Derek and that was from the Taco Shop League. I’ve also had two winning hats (Bottom Feeders & Street Carvers) that haven’t seen the light of day. Of course I’m dying to wear one of my own creations and put it in my portfolio. It’s hard to stay active in competitions when so many of the winning Clink collabs have yet to make it to production.

  13. Of course, as a beneficiary of the “rolling contest”, I think it’s a good idea to keep going. The thing is, it’s not really a contest, but an open call. I agree with others that a true contest with a deadline encourages entries and inspires the imagination. On the other hand, it sucks to be sitting on a great design that won’t fit a contest’s requirements. I don’t see why there can’t be both an open call and occasional contests.

    I think what some folks don’t understand is that, once a contest winner is announced, there is a *lot* of red tape to go through that is outside of Jason and Casey’s jurisdiction or control. As a recent contest winner, I know that it’s going to be about a year before my hat goes to production. I think most winners are aware of this, but the general populace here doesn’t. I don’t know if there’s an easy way to communicate that, nor is there a reason to. There are lots of X-factors that can alter when a hat goes into production.

  14. 1. 39-THIRTY’s in multiple sizes
    2. More Clinker hats produced with a BTS / interview with the Clinker before the drop
    3. Themed League Competitions in conjunction with the ongoing competition
    4. More Brandiose BTS
    5. Patches produced with each Clinker hat release (anyone remember the Clink penant flag?…)
    6. Quicker turn around timse on winning competition hats

    That said, keep on Clinkin’ on!

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