Sklarbro X The Clink Room


It’s no secret that we love podcasts. For designers like us, it’s a perfect fit to be working while fascinating and funny people speak truth through your work day. One of our favorite podcasts is Sklarbro Country and County. Sklarbro is a unique mix of comedy and sports hosted by the Sklar Brothers. The Sklars are twin comedians out of L.A. by way of St. Louis. We love their iconic work and I know you’ve seen them in something. They’re everywhere. They have a new stand up special that’s hilarious and it’s available on iTunes and Netflix.

Starting tomorrow, The Clink Room will begin a three episode partnership with their podcast. We’re super excited to be supporting what they’re doing. To get ready for our first episode tomorrow, head into the archives and listen to episodes featuring guests like Jim Rome, and Will Farrell.

More about the Sklarbro X Clink partnership tomorrow!


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