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Today is the premiere of The Clink Room’s partnership with the Sklar Brothers’ podcast Sklarbro Country! Yes! We love Randy and Jason’s unusual mix of comedy, sports, positivity, and twin-ness. To celebrate our partnership with Randy and Jason, we interviewed them to get their take on sports uniforms.

Casey & Jason: Hey guys! We’re excited to be sponsoring Sklarbro Country & County! We love the Expos uniforms that you guys are rocking in your Twitter avatar! Do our eyes deceive us or are those blue pants?

Randy & Jason: Expos Uni’s were perfect for St. Louis. Wait, what? Still, we rocked them like the STL was an MTL and the rest is history. Check out or Mexican porn staches in our avatar shot. It’s enough to make a guy fly private.

Casey & Jason: When we were kids, we loved getting our new uniforms at the beginning of the Little League season. Do you have any memories of your Little League uniforms? Favorites? Least favorites?

Randy & Jason: Loved getting the new unis for the little league team. We had two great uniforms growing up: 1 we were the Landmark Bank Green Machine, sponsored by Landmark Bank with green satin jackets. We were ready to roller skate, bitches!!!! And the second we were the Royals, (again weird for St. Louis to be touting the Royals), but the blue satin jacket, and the Astro’s like blue rainbow up the uniform made this one our favorites. We wore the full uniform with cleats to school I believe. Good times. The worst one was when were sponsored by Sweet Dreams mattress store. The dull maroon with the Sweet Dreams on the back made us the least tough team in the history of little league.

Casey & Jason: We know you guys are Cardinals fans, they’ve got some great uniforms but they’re also a little nuts. Not one, but 2 birds on the front of the jersey! Any thoughts on the Cardinals’ looks over the years?

Randy & Jason: Love the Cardinals uniforms through the years. That logo brings up so much positive emotion. Just love it, in every incarnation. We have the throwback Oquendo jerseys from the 80’s and the logo is perfect. Two birds on a damn bat. Beat that! You can’t.

Casey & Jason: What are some of your favorite uniforms in baseball? Historically? Current?

Randy & Jason: Favorite uniforms of all time: 80’s powder blue Cardinals. 80’s padres, yellow or brown and orange: Astros gay friendly rainbow of fruit flavors early 80’s uniform and I’d say the Detroit Tigers from ’84, the orange, grey and navy. Classic, simple. The Pirate’s weird flat top, riverboat pinstriped hat from the late 70’s is close behind these, along with the Mariners from the 80’s. Favorite current uniforms: love the SF Giants, again, simple and classic, and kind of like the Washington Nationals. They have a bit of a Senators vibe going, which is nice.


Casey & Jason: In your opinion, what sport has the best uniforms? Soccer, baseball, hockey?

Randy & Jason: This is tough the best uniforms come from which sport. There are great uniforms in every sport. I think baseball has the best. Football Jerseys were the best in the late 70’s, they’ve definitely gone the way of the zubaz pant as far as who they’re appealing to these days. Hockey, again, the old school hockey jerseys were phenomenal, but now you have teams like the Bluejackets and the Hurricanes and the Lightening, which ruin everything. And it’s always weird to see a dude wearing an NBA jersey at a game with no shirt underneath. LIke he thinks if everyone gets injured on the team or thrown out in a brawl, they’ll just look up in the stands, and see that he has his jersey on and ask him to come on down and finish out the game. It’s hard to wear a basketball jersey socially and have people take you seriously. Although, the old school Golden State Warriors and the Nuggets, gay friendly, rainbow jersey may be one of the greatest sports jerseys of all time. I think you have to give it to baseball.

Casey & Jason: If The Clink Room designed a hat for Sklarboro Country and County, what would it have to include? Samurai Swords and throwing stars?

Randy & Jason: If the Clink Room designed a hat for Sklarbro County, it would have two samurai Swords crossed over a waterfall full of handcuffs.

Casey & Jason: Alright, last question and it’s a shameless one. What are some of your favorite hats that we’ve got over in the Clink shop?

Randy & Jason: There are SO MANY hats that we love. The specificity with which you do what you guys do, makes us happy, literally makes us smile, which is why we feel connected to you guys. We do similar things, take serious pride in the smallest things about sport and from that comes happiness. Here are the hats of yours we truly love and there are a lot of them, so hold on to your hats, literally: The Iron Pigs, the Baybears, the Kong, the Pelicans, The Gold Dragon, Charlotte Knights, Asheville Tourists, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Lakeland Flying Tigers.


Your product is so flipping cool, the hats are just flat out gangster and amazing an unique while still being classic. Great job…Love it. Thanks for the interview.

Thank you Sklars! Keep making work that inspires us! Clinkers, are you listening to Sklarbro Country? Listen here or on iTunes.


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