Jetter Green X Hat Club


Hey Clinkers! Check out one of our latest styles in the Clink shop. It’s a 5 panel strap back constructed with ripstop nylon and printed with our friend Jetter Green’s incredible artwork. The front of the hat is hit with an embossed black leather “Unequaled” patch. Take a look at more of Jetter’s work by heading over to and see Jetter’s work featured in the new Juxtapoz Psychedelic book. To grab one of these incredible works of art, head to the Clink Shop to get yours.



6 thoughts on “Jetter Green X Hat Club

  1. Does this mean you’ll be releasing Clinker hats in these styles as well as 5950’s?
    What about those 3930’s Clinkers asked for, any progress on those?

    I’d love to see my TROOPERS hat released in a range of styles!

    Any updates on the release of the first round of competition winners hats?

    Also, how long until we see some more Clinker entries posted? I’m sure you guys have a ton now.
    You’ve been holding onto my revised KIWI entry for some time now, I hope that is for a good reason 😉

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