Mr. Moon – B.T.S. Pt. 1

I know most of you Clinkers have seen lots of these sketches from our rebrand of the Asheville Tourists. But for those who haven’t, these sketches represent our efforts to modernize and create new icons of the Asheville Tourists. For those that have seen this behind-the-scenes, I think there might be a few new pieces of work in here culminating with a new Mr. Moon colorway Friday!


When we approached this project, our goal was to encapsulate a kind of summer sleep-away camp vibe. The Tourists’ ballpark is nestled in these gorgeous forests of North Carolina. It felt like camp, but you know, with beer. This first round is an early expiration of what that moon mascot might look like.


3 thoughts on “Mr. Moon – B.T.S. Pt. 1

  1. These are all great, but I think you went the right direction with the full-moon face. Some of the others are giving off a mid-80s Mac Tonight vibe.

    Now I want a cheeseburger.

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