Lexington B.T.S.- Pt.2

As you may know, most sports identities are made up of 4 basic types of logos. Primary (full logo, text, storytelling elements and city name, usually for letterhead and rarely used for merchandising), Wordmarks (city name and team name used for jersey and merchandise), cap marks (you know, for caps), and sleeve patch (worn on the jersey sleeve, usually the place for deep-cut storytelling elements). So when we start to narrow down the direction of an identity, we know we have to fill those different logo slots. Everything in the top group is an exploration of Primary and Wordmarks.
Everything in this group is meant as an exploration of Cap and Sleeve Marks.
Tomorrow we’ll show you the final family of marks, Thursday we’ll show you the hat (deep cut logo, promise!).

Lexington B.T.S.- Pt.1

So once again we take you behind-the-scenes as we chew our way towards a final identity. The Lexington Legends are the Class A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. We gave this team a new look a few years ago and it turned out to be one of our most iconic. Lexington is known for it’s gently rolling hills filled with blue grass and slate fences. And of course, its known for it’s horses and thoroughbreds.


I know that some of these have been seen before, but there’s a newbie or 2 in there. More sketches tomorrow and the next day. At the end of the week, we’ll release a hat with a logo from the logo family that has never graced the crown of a hat.

Reading Fightins Ostrich – B.T.S. Pt. 3

Here’s the final ostrich in all her glory. Fun Fact: Even though it’s been a resounding success, we still get hate mail to this day for this project. For changing the name of the team, for bringing a silly animal like an ostrich into a respectable community, for being money hungry maniacs without moral compass (confusing). Guess can’t please everyone. Tomorrow, we’ll show you the hat. It features a version of this logo that has never before graced the front of a hat.


Reading Fightins Ostrich – B.T.S. Pt. 1


Clinkers! So, I know we’ve shown a lot of these sketches before. But this week is dedicated to one of the great American heroes, the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor. Hailing from the great city of Reading, PA, each Fightins’ game, the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor hails down tubed-meat torpedoes upon the deserving residents of Pennsylvania’s Berks County. We were honored when we were ask to immortalize the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor’s trusty steed, Rodrigo the Fightins’ Ostrich. If you are within a fortnight’s travel from Reading, PA, do your patriotic duty and witness the majestic wild ostriches roaming the grassy berms of Baseballtown with thy own eyes.


More sketches tomorrow!