Reading Fightins Ostrich – B.T.S. Pt. 1


Clinkers! So, I know we’ve shown a lot of these sketches before. But this week is dedicated to one of the great American heroes, the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor. Hailing from the great city of Reading, PA, each Fightins’ game, the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor hails down tubed-meat torpedoes upon the deserving residents of Pennsylvania’s Berks County. We were honored when we were ask to immortalize the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor’s trusty steed, Rodrigo the Fightins’ Ostrich. If you are within a fortnight’s travel from Reading, PA, do your patriotic duty and witness the majestic wild ostriches roaming the grassy berms of Baseballtown with thy own eyes.


More sketches tomorrow!


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