Reading Fightins Ostrich – B.T.S. Pt. 2

Sketches, sketches and more sketches.



Tomorrow we’ll unveil the final mark featuring our intrepid hero. On Thursday, we’ll preview the hat and Friday it’ll be in the Clink Shop.


3 thoughts on “Reading Fightins Ostrich – B.T.S. Pt. 2

  1. Man, some of those sketches of just the ostrich head are killer! Like ’em better than the final product that’s on the hat currently. Def, looking forward to Friday.

  2. Who’s idea was it to pursue the ostrich theme as representative of the team? I love the sketches and final product, but I can’t think it was the first idea to pursue. Was it something the team suggested, or if it didn’t, anything they needed convincing about to sign off on?

  3. Nathan, the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor and his ostrich, Ridrigo, are the most popular characters of the Reading experience. Kids in Reading even dress up as him for Halloween! Being such a team icon, it was the most authentic direction for everyone.

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