Reading Fightins Ostrich – B.T.S. Pt. 3

Here’s the final ostrich in all her glory. Fun Fact: Even though it’s been a resounding success, we still get hate mail to this day for this project. For changing the name of the team, for bringing a silly animal like an ostrich into a respectable community, for being money hungry maniacs without moral compass (confusing). Guess can’t please everyone. Tomorrow, we’ll show you the hat. It features a version of this logo that has never before graced the front of a hat.



5 thoughts on “Reading Fightins Ostrich – B.T.S. Pt. 3

  1. Ok, so, growing in that side of the country / actually semi near Reading, a lot of folks out there HATE change. I mean HATE it. Any tinkering with their traditions are met with an IMMEDIATE “all of the NOPE” attitude. Reading, York, Lancaster, etc. etc.

    Personally, I LOVE the hats!

  2. i gotta be honest, when this was first unveiled, i wasn’t sure if i liked it. but, it has since really grown on me. it has a very WW2 feel to it. i could see that ostrich on the side of a bomber, which i totally dig. nice job.

  3. Being a Phillies (MLB) fan and having gone to a bunch of Reading Phillies games, I wasn’t crazy about the changes initially. For one, the Fightin’ Phils has long been a nickname of the parent team. I’d never heard the farm team referred to that way. And, I thought the ostrich was just silly. The changes definitely grew on me, though. The ostrich that you ended up going with isn’t my favorite of the sketches you made, but the overall look and feel that the new branding gave the team really works. I haven’t been to a Reading game since the changes took place (moved a little further away) but from what I understand plenty of fans are wearing the gear.

  4. Any hate mail you receive is richly deserved for all the reasons you outlined above. You took a franchise with fifty years of history and tradition and made a laughingstock of it. Hunsicker is a sicko and so are you guys, it’s as simple as that.

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