Lexington B.T.S.- Pt.2

As you may know, most sports identities are made up of 4 basic types of logos. Primary (full logo, text, storytelling elements and city name, usually for letterhead and rarely used for merchandising), Wordmarks (city name and team name used for jersey and merchandise), cap marks (you know, for caps), and sleeve patch (worn on the jersey sleeve, usually the place for deep-cut storytelling elements). So when we start to narrow down the direction of an identity, we know we have to fill those different logo slots. Everything in the top group is an exploration of Primary and Wordmarks.
Everything in this group is meant as an exploration of Cap and Sleeve Marks.
Tomorrow we’ll show you the final family of marks, Thursday we’ll show you the hat (deep cut logo, promise!).


6 thoughts on “Lexington B.T.S.- Pt.2

  1. I love me some sleeve marks. Tons of good in there. I’m really fond of the extra bold L with the loud jockey diamond design in it.

    Lex with the riding crop through it is wow too. Horse Flies?!

  2. If I could have one talent, this would be it! Love your guys’ work and creativity, you never disappoint! Do you guys have a store at your headquarters in San Diego as well or is all your merchandise online?

  3. Thanks Clinker Matt! We don’t have a store at studio. However, everything we create goes straight to The Clink Room store.

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