Lex. Legends’ “Big L” -Tomorrow!

Lexington Legends Big “L” Designed By Brandiose available tomorrow, only in the Clink Shop.



12 thoughts on “Lex. Legends’ “Big L” -Tomorrow!

  1. I’ll admit that this hat looks a lot better than I thought it would. The raised embroidery really works well with the thick lines of the logo. This is a great colorway too! It’s not meant to be a backhanded compliment, but I really, really like this hat (probably more than the official on-fields)!

    For the entire package, how did the team arrive at their final package of logos? The BTS sketches have probably been one of my favorite groups to date, but I always felt that the final package lacked something. How did the team arrive at logos that feature more of a hand-drawn feel, with thick, round-ended lines, slightly off-center elements, and an (unintentionally, I assume) slightly imperfect aesthetic to the “Legends” wordmark?

    Practically, what kind of permissions are needed for you to use these partial logos on hats (Fightin’s, Cave Shrimp, Legends). Is the MiLB back logo only permitted when the crown logo is used on-field?

  2. “Big L” is definitely the most iconic character in their ballpark, so he surfaced as the centerpiece of the identity. Being the “Horse Breeding Capital of the World”, there were a lot of horse cliches around town. The ballpark has a authentically historical look, and everyone wanted to capture that “old timey” feel, as you see in the rounded edges and classic cartoon eyes.

    On the logos, fashion variations are always approved and on-filed caps require the MiLB logo on back.

  3. I like this guy! I’ve also been curious about the little logo on the back. Feels more like an official, team hat when it’s there. At any rate, great job as always!

  4. To me, in the first picture, the poresn looks like they have a Samurai sword in the background. I’ve always liked ancient Japanese culture. ^^These are just an artist’s/s’ impression. Everyone knows these are nothing like the actual graphics or gameplay in game. Take RS for example. ^^

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