Blind Cave Shrimp-B.T.S. Pt.1


One of our favorite “What could have been” concepts that we’ve ever created is the Bowling Green Blind Cave Shrimp. This was a concept that we did for the Bowling Green Hot Rods, Single-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays, and was based on one of the potential team names that came out of the name-the-team process.

Why the Blind Cave Shrimp? Under the city of Bowling Green is a vast network of caves, the longest in North America. Living in those caves are creatures that have evolved and lost their eyesight and pigment. Worms, fish, and of course, shrimp all live in the light-less caves. Check out this insane video of the Bowling Green caves swallowing up cars at the Corvette Museum.

Tomorrow, we’ll show you some never before seen sketches from the project. New Blind Cave Shrimp hat released at the end of the week!

Clinker Jesse’s Tribe – BTS Pt. 3

So I mentioned yesterday that there was a single reason that made Jesse’s design an instant draftee to the Clink pantheon. Yes, the retro indigenous peoples imagery is compelling, but we wouldn’t have been convinced without some graphic brilliance from Jesse. Check out those waves. We loved how this simple, graphic treatment elevated the design. It tells the story of the region, it’s beautiful and most of all it’s unique. Epic work Jesse!


And because Jason and I can’t resist getting our own grubby paws on any design, we created this scratch arrow print to accompany. Tomorrow we preview the final hat and Friday it’ll be in the Clink Shop.

Tribe Evolution

Clinker Jesse’s Tribe – BTS Pt. 2

Check this inspiring progression of Jesse’s design. You can see how, once Jesse kinda knew what he wanted the logo to look like, thats when he started to go through small variations on the theme. That’s the secret, even though you know what you want, stop and take one more pass at working out the kinks before you head to vectors.


And here’s that final vector. I love how clean the final version is. It feels authentic to the original source material by retaining it’s folksiness with a bold execution to bring it home.


Tomorrow, we show you the single reason this design was picked.

Clinker Jesse’s Tribe – BTS Pt. 1

This week’s hat, and its accompanying behind-the-scenes, is a “Designed By Clinkers” style from one of our favorite young Clinkers, Jesse from Mamaroneck, NY. Jesse’s winning design, the Mamaroneck Tribe is Jesse’s second winning design. Like I said, Jesse’s a young designer (BTW…how old are you Jesse?). In any case, Jesse’s young enough and driven enough for it to be clear that he’s got a long and formidable design career in front of him. We started out by asking Jesse to give us some background on the inspiration for his Tribe design…

“A little explanation for the inspiration pictures may be necessary. The town of Mamaroneck, NY is located about a half hour out of the City on Long Island Sound. The town was founded in 1661 when it was purchased from the Siwanoy Indians. The name Mamaroneck means “the place where the sweet waters fall into the sea.” The town continues to heavily use Native American imagery on things like the town seal and anniversary materials. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to combine the two elements of the water and the Native imagery in my design. Lastly, the color scheme was inspired by the roof the pagoda style building, which is actually a hot dog stand called Walter’s Hot Dogs. Walter’s is one of the most iconic landmarks in Mamaroneck and is constantly voted as having some of the best hot dogs in America (Source). It’s a pretty unique color and was perfect little tie in to represent my hometown.”


After Jesse gathered his inspiration, he hit the drawing board and came up with this nice page of thumbnails.


Tomorrow, we show Jesse’s development and refinement process culminating in a Friday release of Jesse’s spectacular Mamaroneck Tribe hat.